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Open Source Matters, Inc.
Full Board of Directors and Officers Meeting

Date: September 05, 2019
Time: 17:00 UTC
Total time of meeting: 1 hour 10 minutes


Rowan Hoskyns Abrahall (President), Alexander Metzler (Vice President), Luca Marzo (Secretary), Jason E Rosenbaum (Treasurer), Djamel Kherbi (Director), Harald Leithner (Director), Hugh Douglas-Smith (Director), Jaz Parkyn (Director).


Jason Nickerson (Director).


Luca Marzo served as proxy for Jason Nickerson.

Discussion outline


  • Books have been cleared by accountant and tax return documents are being produced.


  • CPA has been informed books are done. She has completed reconciliation and we are moving toward filing the 1120.

  • All reimbursements have been completed.

  • Jason shared some recommendations about the handover process with his successor for the bank accounts.

  • Jason suggested to hire a bookkeeper.

  • Jason shared the up to date bank balances.

Production Department

  • Production Department Leadership started to define a vision and a strategy for Joomla 4 and future releases.

  • Automated Testing Team is getting traction with new volunteers.

  • Enhancement Development Team formed a new working group out of the GsoC students to finish the Page Builder.

  • Harald shared with the Board some alternative backend templates created by volunteers and organizations. 

Legal & Finance Department

  • Compliance Team is working on testing the SSO system.

  • Compliance Team is working on the draft of the complete Cookie Policy for all the properties.

Marketing & Communications Department

  • Sandra Decoux shared a report about the initiatives done for the Joomla 14th birthday.
    The Board would like to thank all those involved and all the community members who joined the celebrations buying Joomla merchandising and spreading their love for Joomla.

  • The Board discussed the issue with Google Ads. Rowan to deal with Google to fix the issue.

Events Department

  • Monthly department meeting scheduled for September 06, 2019.

  • Djamel shared the stats of JoomlaDays planned for 2019, comparing data with previous years. 

  • Djamel suggested to improve the documentation and the support to events in order to encourage people to organize JoomlaDays.

Operations Department

  • Hugh is working to speed up with requirements to finish the Joomla Community Magazine site, then hopefully we can get this launched and get an editor in place, there have been a few offers of contributors but presently the holdup is the change away from K2 to Core.

  • Hugh to put webmasters handbook out to teams over next week to get further suggestions/editing prior to making it available.

Programs Department

  • During our last team meeting we discussed different options available for a department sprint.

  • Educational Outreach:

    • Elisa Foltyn has been working with 17 students from the Aim Academy in Heilbronn, Germany - the students have reported that they’ve enjoyed working on their Joomla projects.

    • Roland Dalmulder has again been invited as Joomla Expert to attend the Web Programming Week event at THM in Gießen Faculty MNI, Germany, run by Dennis Priefer and Wolf Rost of the University of Applied Sciences. Roland worked with 7 students to fix bugs and program new features. The two week long event started with two days of Pizza, Bugs & Fun to help get the students used to working with Joomla; suitable issues were selected by Roland and tasks were assigned based on their skill levels. Over the course of the event, students complete a project and on the final day present it to the group. The most notable project from previous years is the Pre-Upgrade checker in Joomla 3.10. This year’s primary focus has been on Joomla 4, with one team working on fixing the patch tester to work with the new infrastructure. 

  • In general, the Certification website migration is going well, and testing is continuing on the new exam platform. The team hope to shortly overcome a showstopper bug in the translation component and then continue with the testing and migration plans.

  • Volunteers Engagement Team has received more comments from the community about their team strategy, and have started building connections between various teams.

Vice President

  • Alexander reported about his short video appearance at the course of Elisa Foltyn.


  • The Call for Nominations for 3 roles of the Group 1 has been closed on August 31, 2019 at 23.59 UTC.

  • Summary of second round of Group 1 nominations:

    • 6 nominees for Vice President

    • 3 nominees for Treasurer

    • 6 nominees for Marketing & Communications DC.

    • All the nominees have been contacted to ask whether they are interested to run for the election. 

    • Nominee announcement will be published on September 08, 2019 or earlier, when we’ll collect the answers from all the nominees, and will include all those who accepted their nominations.

  • As announced on August 26, 2019, Jaz Parkyn and Djamel Kherbi have been re-elected and their term has been extended for one year. 

  • The leadership in these years has not been successful in building a crowd from which nominate and elect their successors. This is generating long election cycles and with the lack of nominees or interest to join the leadership will lead to longer election cycles and the merge of some positions in the future, or like it happened already the closure of some teams and groups due to the lack of volunteers. As leadership we should care about the future sustainability of the project and try to implement initiatives that can increase the coverage of the leadership positions at all levels (from team leads upwards) and that can increase the volunteer recruitment project-wide.

  • Report from Joomla Domains:

    • 60 domains managed

    • 42 new registrations

    • 18 transfers

    • 34 users

    • 40 tickets opened from April until today (closed within 24 hours).

Other business

  •  The Board discussed the date for the Full Members Meeting that is planned for September 18, 2019 at 17.00 UTC.

Motions taken during this meeting

#2019/082 - The Secretary proposes to adjourn the meeting
Proposed by Luca Marzo, seconded by Djamel Kherbi.
The motion passed with unanimous consent.

Motions taken offline before this meeting

#2019/081 - Approve and publish the Board Meeting Minutes.
Proposed by Luca Marzo, seconded by Jaz Parkyn.
The motion passed with unanimous consent.