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PLT Meeting 20 September 2015 at Yootheme office in Hamburg, Germany


Present: Robert, George (partly), Viktor, Chris, Marco, Roland


Absent: Javier, Jessica, Tessa, Tom, Thomas, George (partly)





  1. Glip tasks
    If automatic labels should be applied to all trackers or just to the tracker where enabled
  2. release tools
  3. Status of Joomla 3.5
  4. Goals and objectives for 2016
  5. Budget for 2016
    Language Packages
    SSL Certificate
  7. Status of Joomla 4
  8. Attending JoomlaDays and events
  9. Restructuring
  10. Google Summer of Code
  11. Install from Web
  12. VEL
  13. Issues without code
  14. Attending JoomlaDays and events
  15. Attending and organising PLT summits
  16. Joomla! PLT website updates
  17. Sample data
  18. Liaison with other Teams
  19. Status updates Jessica, Tessa, Javier, Thomas, Tom
  20. Next meeting?


1. Glip tasks


  • Closing
    • Waiting for language packs, then community can be informed
    • There is no structure to access and process them
    • Sending mass email to inform and once it is closed
  • Prepare an initial draft of the Goals and Objectives for 2016 document for discussion
    • Done by Robert for 2015,
    • Chris will recycle proposal
  • script to automate more of the release process for Joomla.
    • Separate agenda item (see
  • Build a prototype for a new install from web plugin
  • Facilitate JED in improving API
    • Code now seems to be based on Fabrik and generic, which is not really an API. Need to contact Matthew Baylor (Rob Clayburn)
    • Both were informed.
    • Writing official letter to CLT to inform them on this serious issue, and advise that Joomla shut it down if nothing happens on short notice as PLT have gotten not rely to date
  • Check the anonymous statistics plugin for Joomla/MySQL/PHP information
    • Code has been written since Prague by George, Roland and Michael. Now a JSON server.
    • Joomla module and/or component needs to be written for to display the data for end users - but not a blocker for including this in 3.5
    • Eli Aschkenasy is available for help with database queries
    • No additional information needed  (e.g. memory limits)
  • Organize a code sprint to deal with language packages on JoomlaCode
    • Done
  • Release a blog post about Joomla 3.5 vision
    • Issue discussed with Hannes at JDD15 Pending feedback from hannes in two weeks on his additional routing contribution to decide if it goes in into 3.5 or moving it to another later release
  • Finish documenting the release teams and document the feature contribution workflow.
    • Nothing to date has been done. Task has been renamed and split up to prioritise the release teams.
  • Organize Unit-Testing Sprint
    • Testing sprint will take place from 28th October until 2nd November in Karlsruhe (1&1 office)
  • Finish documenting the release teams.
    • Needs to be done before restructuring
  • Find a lead for core extensions
    • Find somebody outside PLT, put on agenda for next meeting if we actually want / need to do the decoupling in 3.5
  • Get scripts together for video tutorials
    • Focus on 3.5
      Video for 4 moved to J4 working group education ( Marco )
      Specific task for "composer" to be created
  • Create video for composer usage
    • Firstly write script
  • Reinvigorate JSST
    • Group moved to GLIP
    • Members added
    • Need to write structural plan
    • Article in the JCM
  • Implement Joomla Contributor Agreement ( JCA ) Tool -
    • is no longer actively maintained
      Investigate whether JCA has API and if it can be integrated with issue tracker
  • Decide if we want to do timeboxed continuous releases
    • No, we will base release on the number, severity and quality of the commits. Will be put to a vote
  • Students in Italy wanting to help out, and that there might be a PBF in Italy, so I will follow up on that
    • Get date for PBF
  • Contact the organisers of JDay Austria, as they expressed interest in a PBF as well
    • To be investigated
  • If automatic labels should be applied to all trackers or just to the tracker where enabled
    • Obsolete due to changed insight for decoupling extensions


2. release tools


Robo tool is easily extendable and is able to the step we need to do for the release.


  • Add compression to JArchive (and framework version for achievement in
  • Implement the current build script in Robo
  • Improving the process (e.g. Automating the upload to github)



3. Status of Joomla 3.5


a. Media manager


Current status is that one PR has been made to improve the list view:


More work needs to be done to move features into the current media manager.


There is limited progress a call for action has to be formulated and a leader has to be found to organise it. Most likely candidate is coming out of Dutch group so there is a halfway realistic chance of adding it to 3.5. Roland is contacting the team.



Considering features: direct logout?, cleanout unpublished links in com redirect?, Limit version number limit items. Tinymce : extended buttons as part of top bar.


b. Routing


A decision has to be made by Hannes whether or not he can finish the routing for Joomla 3.5, this will be determined by October 4th.


4. Goals and objectives for 2016


Document has been copied from 2015 document and should be reviewed and revised by everyone.  


5. Budget for 2016


Once goals and objectives have been reviewed we can look at the budget.  Balance between expenditure on non-Joomla events and JoomlaDays was discussed, but we are comfortable with it because our support of JoomlaDays is only in respect of attendance; we do not sponsor JoomlaDays.




Language packages and SSL certificate from Amazon are blocking.


Language Packages


Difficult to extract from


SSL Certificate


Waiting for current certificate to expire beginning of november.



7. Status of Joomla 4


  • Initial public facing drawings of architecture and mvc were presented at J!DD15
  • Internal technical drawings to be drafted by Niels and Paul Delbar
  • New volunteers attracted
  • Contact Press C’t ( influential German computer magazine)
  • Starting J!4 Marketing & J!4 Education Group/Team
  • Investigating jLayouts ( more specifically jRender) to make sure that if we take it into J3.x it will not break and can be used in 4.x


8. Attending JoomlaDays and events


Ask Tessa if she can take responsibility for organising the PLT attendance at Joomla/non-Joomla events. Making sure hotels are booked, people are arranged and budget is made.


Start with overview document of JDays and Events to attend. Plan attendance in advance.


9. Restructuring


George Wilson candidacy put up for vote and accepted as representative for the Transition Team.


10. Google Summer of Code


Chad has resigned, call for action of replacement candidate by Roland.


Planning and handover should start soon enough to have a chance to get in.


11. Install from Web


Serious problem on the JED API that needs to be addressed properly. Chris will write an email to the CLT to make them aware of the problem.


12. VEL


We would like to see a clear description of policy in an easily findable location.


Details of procedure such as time allowed to fix an issue before disclosure, etc.


Future plans to align with best practice. eg. PHP-FIG draft.


Chris will draft an email to CLT (Sander?).


13. Issues without code


Roland will contact Tobias on coming up with a filter for issues that go on a “wishlist”. Adding a “prefilter shortcut” to do the reporting.


Roland and Marco to brainstorm on focussing more during PBF and marketing it up front so that for example the experienced developers split off to work on selected items.


14. Attending JoomlaDays and events




Sevilla ( nobody planned, too short notice )
Poland ( nobody planned, too short notice )
Kenia ( nobody planned, too short notice )
Ghana ( nobody planned, too short notice )
Brisbane ( nobody planned )
Israel ( nobody planned )
Oscon Community Leadership Summit ( Marco )
Paris (business event) 27th Oct ( Marco talk on J!4 )
JWC ( Chris, Marco J!4 )


Italy ( Roland, Viktor )


Austria ( Marco talk on J!4, Viktor )




Netherlands ( Roland )
Germany ( Viktor, Robert, Roland )
JWC ( Marco, Chris )
Italy ( Roland, Viktor )
Denmark ( Roland )


Code Sprint


J4 Athens ( Chris, George, Marko, Robert ) 10th - 13th October
Automated Testing Karlsruhe ( Javier, Robert, Viktor, Marco?, Roland? ) - 28th October - 2nd November
Bug Fixing Code Sprint ( Netherlands - Weert? ) - Issue tracker cleanup - December
Frontend beginning of next year to clean up the mess
J!4 is looking at 3 month sprint cycles ( Next end of January? )
J3.6 Web Services Sprint ( Possibly combined with J!4 )
Pre-JAB Training Sprint on Joomla!4 coding; Teaching developers to migrate and develop extensions for Joomla!4 ( Thursday, 19th May 2016 )


15. Attending and organising PLT summits


Next Summit for “whatever” PLT will look like next year is planned after JAB ( 20th-22nd may  2016) summit will be Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th.


We should take set dates seriously to be effective in handling topics. Virtual attendance is not proven to be effective.
We will look and adapt rules as set forth by CLT and or OSM, for summits, joomla days, events and such.


A second PLT Summit for 2016 should take place in Sept/Oct.  Final decision on date, etc. to be made at the PLT Summit after JAB16.


16. Joomla! PLT website updates


Contact Tom on status of PLT related websites, and plan for maintaining them. If tom has insufficient capacity then we should look for extra or replacement to keep sites up to date.


17. Sample data


We have 3 possible ways of treating  sample data


  • JTable approach
  • Websites and exporting MySQL
  • Wait for web services


Its decided to go for the “website” approach. For modification of sample data a clean install can be complemented with the current sample data set ( mechanism to be documented/defined )
Changes can be made by any user on their local installation. By providing a dedicated tool (CLI script) the relevant sample data will be exported and can be used as part of a pull request.
Only pull request based on that “format” will be taken into consideration for merging. GIT code owners / maintainers should enforce this.


Action owner found. Robert will start internally.


18. Liaison with other Teams


We see a liaisons are part of the team so someone who is a liaison should always be invited for team meetings.


Robert will follow up with the financial team, Jess has to follow up with marketing, etc etc


Marco will join Capital Committee and make the PLT point of view known.


19. Status updates Jessica, Tessa, Javier, Thomas, Tom


Update action points and activity report before next meeting.


20. Next meeting


Online Monday October 5th, 8pm CET