By Luca Marzo on 2020-10-01 12:56 in Board of Directors

Open Source Matters, Inc.
Full Board of Directors and Officers Meeting

Date: September 24, 2020
Time: 17:00 UTC
Total time of meeting: 1 hour 45 minutes


Brian Mitchell (President), Elisa Foltyn (Vice President), Luca Marzo (Secretary), Marco Dings (Director), Hugh Douglas-Smith (Director), Djamel Kherbi (Director), Jaz Parkyn (Director), Radek Suski (Director), Eric Lamy (Director).





Invited guests:

Justine Ayebale Abunyanga (Elected Officer), Marianela Queme Alegre (Elected Director), David Opati Aswani (Elected Director).

Discussion outline


  • Brian welcomed the new Board Members and provided them updates on items and actions that are in progress.

  • 2019-2020 Books will be available for full board review at the October 8 board meeting. This is in preparation for tax filing for the previous fiscal year.


  • Brian provided the bank balances as of today.

  • Brian to take care of the onboarding of Radek as new Treasurer.

  • Bank statements are available to the Board for review.

Production Department

  • Joomla 4 Beta 4 and Joomla 3.10 Alpha 2 were released

  • Llewellyn van der Merwe stepped up to cover some responsibilities of the Department Coordinator during the past week given the unavailability of the DC.

  • Llewellyn proposed some ideas to improve and support the Volunteers Engagement Team.

  • The Board discussed the removal of Google Analytics / Google Tag Manager from some websites managed from the Production Department, specifically:, and

  • The Production Department is holding a new vote on the creation of a “backports repository”.

  • Marianela to have a meeting with Marco to discuss the Joomla 4 landing page.

Legal & Finance Department

  • Hugh provided updates on his proposal to have an Hosting Provider Page/Directory. After discussing with Jaz and Wilco, they came up with the idea to merge this with Joomla Resource Directory and have a unique “Service Provider Directory” that would also include paid featured listings.

Marketing & Communications Department

  • The Instagram contest is in progress.

  • Ongoing planning for a new LinkedIn campaign.

  • All the social media campaigns are being monitored and measured by the Team.

  • Marianela is working with a copywriter on a new brochure for Joomla.

Events Department

  • The Events Department leadership meeting was held on September 21.

  • Handover process with David has been completed.

Operations Department

  • Last department meeting was held on Monday (21st September). Report has been published today

  • Community Magazine Team

    • September issue published

    • The latest team meeting was on August 27. The meeting report can be found at Volunteers Portal

    • The team is working on the next issue

  • Extensions Directory Team

    • The latest meeting was on August 28th. The meeting report can be found at Volunteers Portal. Next meeting is planned for this Friday.

    • JED is preparing to clean all inactive users among other reason to comply with the GDPR

  • Forum Team

    • The team successfully managed to improve increasing bounces from the forum website

    • Also the possible conflict with particular user (as mentioned in previous meeting) has been solved

  • Volunteers Portal Team 

    • The team is working on a better solution for displaying users (members) who didn’t provide consent for displaying public data.

    • Sander has been reminded about requirements for reporting. Sander mentioned that it would limit his volunteer time to work on other issues.

  • Webmasters Team

    • Team is working on UpTimeRobot, they gave us a free pro account.

    • The “Privacy & Security Settings” policy will be finalised after point 2

    • Team is working with Hugh, Luca and Jaz to define and build a new JRD structure within

Programs Department

  • Investigating the benefits and processes involved with becoming a Brave Content Creator - waiting for Radek’s handover as Treasurer to set up the necessary financial accounts.

  • 7 candidates recently passed their Joomla Administrator exam.

Vice President

  • Elisa highlighted the need to improve the communication within the Project.

  • Ruchika, Davide and Todd are meeting about the Idea to create a Joomla Students “Club” - I fully support the idea to have a place for students to meet and having it as an educational outreach place. 


  • [Elections] Radek Suski has been elected as Treasurer of OSM. The Call for Manifestos for the replacement as Operations DC has been published.

  • [Google Partnership] Hugh and Luca attended a call with Google representatives to kick off the partnership and start the collaboration. An announcement about the agreement will be published on A featured article in the Magazine will be included monthly starting from October. 

  • [Correspondence] Received documents from Citibank and Venable and shared with the Board.

  • [Foundation] Luca had a meeting with our incorporation consultant to seek support with the follow up to the IRS for the Joomla Foundation on Sept. 22. She advised to complete several actions prior to resubmitting the package to the IRS.

  • [Foundation] We need to renew our “compliance package”, it will cost 1200 USD and includes the support during the incorporation phase as well as the management of the annual reports. Such funding should be recorded as a loan from OSM to the Foundation and should be transferred back when the 501(c)(3) will be fully operational.

  • [Governance] Luca had a meeting with Jenn Gress (former Ombudsman) and we started working together on a proposal to update the bylaws to better define and describe the role of the Ombudsman. The proposal will be shared with the Board for review as soon as it’s ready.

  • [Google Adsense] Google AdSense payment was issued on September 21. Luca and Wilco are working on the account review to identify the reason for the invalid ads.

  • [Shop RFP] No additional proposals were submitted during the extension period. The only proposal received is available to Board members. A motion has been prepared to decide whether to assign or not the RFP. The draft for the service agreement is ready.

  • [Communication] Effective September 29, 2020, the Full Board of Directors and Officers of Open Source Matters, Inc. will be composed by:

    • Brian J. Mitchell from United States - President

    • Justine Ayebale Abunyanga from Uganda - Vice President

    • Luca Marzo from Italy - Secretary

    • Radek Suski from Germany - Treasurer

    • Marco Dings from the Netherlands - Director

    • Hugh Douglas-Smith from United Kingdom - Director

    • Jasmine Zoe Parkyn from United Kingdom - Director

    • David Opati Aswani from Kenya - Director

    • Marianela Queme Alegre from Netherlands - Director

Other business

  • [Procedures] Elisa and Luca discussed a general improvement in some of the approval procedures for several Joomla Directories (JED, JRD, Events, Trademark). The suggestion is to implement the following steps:

    • Review the rules published in order to ensure that everything is clear (that doesn't mean changing them, but ensure that they are readable).

    • Add a FAQs section to clarify specific questions that are common.

    • In case of complaints, allow people to have a call to clarify requests and doubts.

  • [Greetings] The Board would like to thank the outgoing members Elisa Foltyn, Djamel Kherbi and Eric Lamy for their service and contributions. 

Motions taken during this meeting

#2020/122 - Authorise the Webmasters Team to further develop the Service Provider Directory to support paid featured listings.
Proposed by Hugh Douglas-Smith, Seconded by Jaz Parkyn.
The motion passed with unanimous consent.

#2020/123 - The Secretary proposes to adjourn the meeting.
Proposed by Luca Marzo, seconded by Djamel Kherbi.
The motion passed with unanimous consent.

Motions taken offline before this meeting

#2020/121 - Approve and publish the Board Meeting Minutes.
Proposed by Luca Marzo, seconded by Radek Suski.
The motion passed with unanimous consent.