By Private Profile c533cac4 on 2015-11-16 22:17 in Production Leadership Team

AMP Introduction Meeting

Meeting to discuss mobile in relation to our recent AMP announcement:


Michael Babker - Joomla, Jessica Dunbar - Joomla, George Wilson - Joomla, Jordan Adler - Google

  • Introductions
  • Joomla governance Model
  • Have you looked at AMP?
  • Potential challenges to implementing AMP in Joomla
  • How extensions work in Joomla
  • How to handle extensions
  • setting up a jdocument for AMP HTML
  • thinking about how to make a noop if an extension has no AMP HTML output method if format not found
  • Joomla's HTML View

Next steps:

George, Michael, Jess to think about how to develop an AMP HTML output format, and start engaging the community