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Participants: Ruth Cheesley, Peter Bui, Sander Potjer

Absent: Guillermo Bravo, Alice Grevet, David Jardin

Abbreviation Guide:



  1. JED

    1. Traffic

    2. Support

    3. New JED

    4. Ads revenue drop?


Sander spoke with a lot of people about the JED, lots of extension developers at JWC. Not all see such a significant drop but some do, because the new setup means they are not always showed prominently due to the focus on reviews and other features when ordering.


It is not clear if this is due to the JED not being indexed, or the setup/layout/features.


JED is being opened up to developers via an agreement, but consideration about whether we can make this fully open via Github.  The main reason for not having it completely open were concerns about the code being available and used by others to create extension directory elsewhere.


The benefits however would outweigh this - opening up to other developers who can help to improve the solution and implement new features.


Some parts of the JED would not be open sourced - such as the fraud protection system - this would remain internal only.  Some areas such as changing the review system would need to be closely scrutinised by the JED team/CLT to ensure they are not opening up holes for exploiting the system.


By opening it up we ensure that the developers who list in the JED are able to contribute to improving it. Helping to improve the very eco-system that helps drive their extension businesses.


If we don’t act quickly, we also run the risk of people changing their licences from GPL because they can get more traffic from other sources, which do not have GPL restrictions.


Sander will have a call with Matt Baylor to discuss the potential for opening up the code base, and what we can do to ensure this is done in a way that does not present a risk to the JED or cause difficulties with the JED team.


Adsense from the JED - big drop in revenue.  Potential changes:


  • Change position of leaderboard to beneath the search filter box

  • Add a leaderboard at the bottom of the category and search pages

  • Add a leaderboard at the bottom of all pages


Further discussion on Adsense and how we manage the positions available for advertising.  Need to make it clear what positions are available so we can market these as an opportunity for sponsors.



  1. Analytics & monitoring

    1. Need to review sites & move to google tag manager

    2. Ensure that analytics is on correct accounts & not erroring


Tag manager needs to be installed on all sites instead of manually adding analytics etc.  Sander has added it as an issue on the template repository (#19) to add a template parameter.


List of all sites for audit purposes:




Any new site should be moved to the main web property unless there is a clear reason for a standalone site which should be agreed by CLT in advance.


A process of migrating all existing sites into the main property will be planned and actioned in the coming months.



Monitoring and auditing needs to be formalised, and potentially see if we can get Analytics Premium so that we don’t have sampling. [Ruth]


Managing the property


If we are moving all of our web properties under as a central domain, we should have proper version control using Github, and a staging/live setup.  This would allow work to be done in a pull request and approved by CLT before it goes live, and would resolve much of the issues around giving people VPN access and FTP’ing file changes.

[Sander & Peter] ? Database version control


    1. No longer in use, not maintained.  

    2. Create a landing page which points people at the appropriate repository to suggest ideas, and to Glip for community collaboration.


The site hasn’t been maintained actively for a very long time.  The workflow of the project now uses Github, therefore we should set up a landing page for which points people at the relevant places where they can get involved in the project and decommission Uservoice. is the root account but we don’t know who has account-level access right now.


Pete will follow up and put a holding page up [Pete]


Look into what is behind this asset and remove from servers if not needed [Peter]


Find out the status of this asset and move off the the correct space with a 410 redirect. [Pete & Ruth]


    1. Do we have any analytic tracking? Nothing on there at the moment.


Pete will look into the and see what is happening and who now owns the asset. Contact Mike Demo. [Pete]

  1. Review our goals & budget from 2015

    1. 2015 agenda here

    2. Goals working sheet here

    3. Decision making & approvals sheet here

    4. Budget submitted to OSM here

    5. Budget update from Vic here

  • Peter will provide Vics rebudget (done)

  • Propose 2016 budget

  1. Organising what we’re working on [Ruth Cheesley]

    1. Glip is the centralised tool that the project is using but we’re not all active on it very often.  It has an in-built task management/project management, calendar, reminders, to-do lists etc are available.  Run-through of how we could use it more effectively, ? set up github repo for CLT tasks?


Email the rest of the team to ensure that they are OK with using the portal tasks system which Sander will be implementing mid next week.  If we don’t have any objections then set it up on Friday and add all tasks from summit. [Sander]


  1. Volunteers portal [Sander]

    1. Update on the volunteer portal ? launch v2

    2. Is there a way that the voting system coming with the new structure could be administered via the volunteers portal?  Just a thought, but everybody has to have an account there, right?


Launch v2 next week, re-written from f0f to a Joomla core component which allows easier contribution and more stability going forward.


New features include having positions for teams (including vacancies), task system, and the ability to create sub-teams.


Volunteer portal code will be opened up on Github to encourage contributions from the community.


Voting process will also be implemented in the near future, to facilitate the ongoing voting procedures required in the new structure.


Highlight more the number of joomlers, map of locations, search for joomlers nearby, who is most active, and so forth.  Homepage will facilitate this.


Sander will be setting up positions within the team on the volunteers portal working group to focus attention on specific tasks.

  1. Community Member Contribution Activity

    1. Need to look at how we can make members more active in groups. There are several groups with lots of members but with no activity.

    2. How do we encourage more active contributions on a regular basis remove members that are inactive?

Set meetings and recurring events - on Glip, Google Calendar, etc.


Resources around how to run a successful working group/team, best practices around how to set things up.


Use the CLT on-boarding docs as a basis for some of this.  Need to strip out any info that isn’t relevant and write up as a content article on volunteers portal.  [Ruth]

  1. JUG directory/c.j.o migration

    1. Sandbox site: (jugsb/jugsb) - focusing on minimising extra steps and streamlining the workflow

    2. New JUG raise an issue via a form, which creates a ticket in Maqma helpdesk. JUG team triage the tickets, deal direct with the JUG registrants in one ticket.

    3. Plan to integrate in if possible, running alongside events so that they use the same Sobi installation (the JUG directory is set up to push the events created by user groups directly into the Events directory).

    4. Are we in a place to be able to pull in from the volunteers portal when selecting users yet? (one for Sander!)

JUG directory work is not far from completion.  Suggestion is to move the Volunteer Portal as the central user directory for logins, and then to bring all other sites into that - community, events, magazine, etc.


Inter-operability would be less of a problem as they would all be on the same database, and using the same server.


  1. migration

    1. Still in progress, work is going pretty slowly and some teams are expressing interest in setting up their own magazine as a result


Pete is in touch with Randy Carey and Babs Gosgens who are working on the project.  There have been some delays as Randy had an accident and had to take time out.  Need to keep things moving forward, ensure that we have version controlled code during the process.


Try to involve people in the development process if possible to keep things moving forward.  Hope to have migration completed & deployed by JAB 2016 (as


Peter to email Randy about what is being done.

  1. Joomla Connect

    1. Needs cleaning up/tidying and migrating with c.j.o

Ruth will reach out to current maintainers and fix. [Ruth]

  1. Code of Conduct

    1. Revised version which received a majority vote has been approved by lawyers - may not be needed depending on the transition process to new structure.

      1. Folder with research & other projects’ policies here

      2. Code of conduct here

      3. One page version here

      4. Conflict resolution team operating procedures here

      5. Voting results here

Peter to bring up at the next Transition Team meeting the creation of the Ombudsman before the transition is done. Sooner the better. To tackle issues that are happening now. Jono Bacon and potential contacts


  1. Guidelines for managing access and credentials

    1. There have been several leadership members who have announced their resignation, yet still have access to core resources.  We should have some guidance on a process that is enacted when somebody publicly announces their resignation

    2. In the new structure, we will need to have a process for granting access to the relevant people in teams and leadership

    3. Check if all the accounts work or not


All credentials should now be stored in however there have not been doing any audits on the credentials stored, and the users with access.  Some of the accounts in Vault have incorrect or outdated passwords, and it is not possible to see which team or individual is responsible for specific credentials.


Recently there have been multiple leadership team members who have stepped down from their roles publicly, however there is no process in place for revoking their access to resources.


There should be a clear process which is followed when someone steps down from their role within the project to revoke access to:

  • Google apps accounts

  • Vault

  • Changing of passwords


  1. First step is to get in touch with Brad Baker and identify the current users, revoke any who should not have access

  2. Check and correct credentials in the vault - several have the wrong passwords

  3. Implement a policy to reset all vault passwords every six months.

  4. Document process for revoking access when team members step down from roles

  5. Document a process for periodically cleaning up resources such as Google Apps

  6. Procedure for adding/removing people:

  1. Community Dashboard [Ruth]

    1. In progress, VPS being commissioned via Pete and our dashboard will be moved over, additional hours are available if we want to commission further work to bring in things like phpBB forum posts etc (esp. if we don’t have resources internally to grab & import/parse the data).


  1. Goals & Objectives for 2016

    1. Supporting the Joomla ecosystem

      1. Developers of 3rd party services

      2. Business owners (business models)

    2. Supporting the Global Community to Grow and Thrive

      1. Create/Support Joomla User Groups

      2. Joomla and non-Joomla events

      3. Support volunteers / mentors - sponsoring

      4. Develop a process for on-boarding new contributors

    3. Improve the communication of the project

      1. Email marketing for the project

      2. PR, copy, marketing

    4. Create better user experience for web properties

      1. Merging as many assets as possible

      2. Single Sign-On

      3. Improve UX of websites


Draft up email in regards to communicating with the teams to ask for their goals and budget requests for 2016. We’ll provide them with our general overview goals for the project as we see it in 2016 and let the teams fulfill and create their own goals to help fulfill that vision of 2016. [Pete]


  1. Events for 2016

    1. Create a guideline for the sponsoring of events

    2. Develop a system to monitor outcomes from events and follow up new contributors

  2. Budget [Pete Bui]

    1. Request from PR team:

We will set some guidelines in regards to how the PR should be done.

  1. PR should be done on our website

  2. PR Budget will be approved for the next three months and then reviewed by next team that will look at the budget for next year

  3. If no news or urgent releases are seen, general Joomla PR should be created, support local joomladay events in localised outreach, etc.

  4. Need reports on a monthly basis on how the money is spent and results of the spend


Ruth to follow up with PR team and ensure reports are made each month.


  1. Transition of CLT to new structure


The following issues need to be documented and communicated to ensure that they are not lost during the transition process.


  • Process of cleaning up and consolidating * websites

  • Documentation for on boarding members and leaving members

  • Site access and ticketing processes and workflows

  • Emails address and Google Apps account management

  • Analytics management, Google Tag Manager

  • SEO/Site health checks

  • Moderation of social media groups

  • Liaison with Pearson regarding the provision of Joomla Books

  • Server management

  • Travel management

  • Budgeting requests

  • Code of Conduct

  • Password and vault management

  • Documentation of processes