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Previous meeting minutes: 



Present: Javier Gómez, Robert Deutz, Chris Davenport, Tessa Mero, Viktor Vogel, George Wilson, Marco Dings, Roland Dalmulder, Thomas Hunziker


Absent: Jessica Dunbar, Tom Hutchison


Total time of the meeting:  2h


# Topics:


## 3.4.7 Security Release & Marketing, 20 minutes (George)

A security release will We will be releasing 3.4.7 ~Monday. It will contain b/c breaks. 


Action items: specific members of the Security Strike team will be contacted to cover exploit opportunities.


## State of Joomla 4 / UX (Marco)

Current effort is aimed and getting a base where current contributors can start leading teams iso doing things themselves.

UX is searching for additions to the team with practical UX knowledge.


## Continuation of terms (Marco)

While the transition team work continues the PLT decides to continue with term renewals as before. We are planning to add more members to the PLT.


## 2016 Budget (Robert)

Action Item: prepare Team Goals for 2016


## Release plan for 3.6 (Chris)

Action Item: a timebox is planned to be created


## Timeboxing minor releases ( 3.x )

Action Items: 

- Stick to the plan of more frequent and smaller releases

- Document the release process better 

- Automate release procedure (Jorobo is a project that was born during the Automated Testing Code sprint. Is a combination of automated tasks for Joomla made in Task Runner framework. Is in Alpha stages but should be the base for solving tasks like automating the Joomla release.)