By Luca Marzo on 2023-03-05 17:01 in Board of Directors

Open Source Matters, Inc.
Full Board of Directors and Officers Meeting

Date: January 26, 2023
Time: 18:00 UTC
Total time of meeting: 40 minutes


Robert Deutz (President), Nicola Galgano (Vice President), Luca Marzo (Secretary), Nadja Lamisch (Treasurer), Benjamin Trenkle (Director), Philip Walton (Director), Harald Leithner (Director).





Discussion outline


  • Meeting with Karen (bookkeeper)

  • List with incomings and outgoings started.

  • 1099-NEC for Venable is submitted.

  • Periodic reports from Bookkeeper are ready and shared with the Board.

Production Department

  • Carlos Rodriguez is the new Team Lead of documentation.

  • Last Joomla 4.3 alpha was released.

  • Joomla 4.2.7 coming next week.

  • 5.0 outline defined from Harald.

  • Post-Release-Process is finalized and 4.2.7 will be the first release we prepare.

  • George temporarily took over Framework.

Outreach Department

  • Marketing for Joomla 4.3 went out.

  • Holopin partnership ready for signatures.

  • Restructuring of social media team progressing.

Operations Department

  • Successfully transferred from Brian Mitchell.

  • transfer is pending because of a provider issue.

  • Forum Software upgrade done and now uses Cloudflare.

  • George Wilson has done an amazing job on updating the current template to Joomla 4.2 and Bootstrap 5.3.

  • Based on the template update will be upgraded shortly to Joomla 4.2.

Vice President

  • Nicola will attend GSoC & SoD Brussels (FOSDEM)

  • JoomlaDay USA: 'listening' session where the board members can be asked questions from the in person audience and virtual audience.


  • [Elections] Election process is ongoing. As of today 1 candidate as President.

  • [Google Ads] Payment issued on Jan 21, for USD 902.87.

  • [Harbor Compliance] Dealing with them to reinstate the service package for the Foundation.


  • Finished the budget post (Thanks to Phil for the help)

  • Checked outstanding payments and sent reminders.

  • Meeting with Karen to answer questions she had for some bookings.

  • Tried to understand the process for getting money back from the insurance company. I have to contact them.

  • The AA case is closed.

Motions taken during this meeting

#2023/003 - The Secretary proposes to adjourn the meeting.
Proposed by Luca Marzo, seconded by Robert Deutz.
The motion passed with unanimous consent.

Motions taken offline before this meeting

#2022/002 - Approve and publish the Board Meeting Minutes.
Proposed by Luca Marzo, seconded by Robert Deutz.
The motion passed with unanimous consent.