By Luca Marzo on 2024-04-18 18:11 in Board of Directors

Open Source Matters, Inc.
Full Board of Directors and Officers Meeting

Date: April 18, 2024
Time: 18:00 UTC
Total time of meeting: 1 hour 10 minutes


Philip Walton (Vice President), Luca Marzo (Secretary), Nadja Lamisch (Treasurer), Sigrid Gramlinger (Director), Louise Hawkins (Director), Carlos Camara (Director).


Crystal Dionysopoulos (President).


Luca Marzo served as proxy for Crystal Dionysopoulos.

Discussion outline


  • Nadja started the process to update the recipient bank account for sponsorships and other incoming payments.

  • Nadja urged to start implementing the ideas expressed during the Board workshop held a couple of months ago. She proposed to create sub-groups to work on the tasks and present the results to the Board in a 4 weeks period.

  • Nadja shared a trademark misuse that was already shared with Claire and the Trademark Team. A follow up is needed from the Team. Philip suggested to involve the Advisory Board for that topic.

  • Nadja shared with the Board the spreadsheet for the Budget request, useful to start the preparation for the Budget for FY 2024/25. Budget requests can be submitted within mid-May.

Production Department

  • [Releases] Joomla Release 5.1.0 and 4.4.4 successfully released! A big thank you to everybody involved!

  • [New to Joomla] Great start session with short presentation and introduction of all participants. A good place to explain how the community works. Take the idea also for other areas like Docs, Github,... Plans:

  • New to Joomla session invites to all new People when they join townsquare - directly from one person (should not be automated)

  • [Accessibility] GAAD Pledge initiative:
    - we need to build a team across departments
    - we need a press release on May 16, 2024

  • [Docs] - MediaWiki: we need another system. Working on it with more people.

  • [Software Architecture & Strategy] Harald is the new team lead and looking for people.

Outreach Department

  • [Holopin] Holopin badges are ready to be deployed. Now working on the release plan.

  • [Events] Louise received a list of issues that needs to be addressed from the Events team, that include some permissions issues on different systems. 

  • [Social Media] New content created to promote Mattermost, screenshot in folder. Will repeat periodically. Louise plans to write to the Digital Marketing institute to see if any of their students would like to volunteer for the Social Media Team. It would be good to revise our strategy and start producing alternative content such as LinkedIn Newsletters etc.

  • [Update campaign] Louise started working on the campaign to pull users off Joomla 3.x in favor of the new major versions. Feedback needed to continue the work on that.

  • [Marketing Team] Tom and the Team are keen to revamp the website, they are currently reviewing each page to ascertain its value, purpose and UX. Mike has created a Google Sheet whereby 2 team members review each page. 

  • [Merchandising] Louise explored the options to deliver merchandising and events goodies either to individuals or to event organizers and shared the pain points with the Board. Several vendors have been evaluated to find out the best solutions based on the needs. 

Operations Department

  • Looking for volunteers to manage our websites and going through our sites’ guidelines and policies from the internal manual. Once a couple of webmasters at least will be enrolled, we’ll start developing guides to manage the sites.

Carlos Camara left the meeting at 19.00 UTC.

Vice President

  • Organized the release party and it went well with lots of interest in what was a very successful launch.

  • Philip shared a revised version of the Joomla Academy project document for Board review.


  • [Initiatives] Tekdi shared information about the Code4Govtech initiative and created a contact with the organizers. It could be worth exploring it and see if it can be something doable within the Educational programs to which Philip is working.

  • [Budget] It’s opportune to start working on the Budget plan for FY 2024/25, as the budget should be approved within June 30, 2024.

  • [Onboarding] Carlos’ onboarding should be complete.

  • [Assistant] Prepared the Call for Volunteers and shared with the Board for review.


  •  No major updates.

Motions taken during this meeting

#2024/020 - Approve the Meeting Minutes and adjourn the meeting.
Proposed by Luca Marzo, seconded by Nadja Lamisch.
The motion passed with unanimous consent.