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Previous meeting minutes:  



Present: Javier Gómez, Robert Deutz, Chris Davenport, Tessa Mero, Viktor Vogel, George Wilson, Marco Dings, Roland Dalmulder




Total time of the meeting:  2h


# Topics:


## Joomla - Google Summer of Code (Javier)

In February Puneet Kala was selected as GSoC lead coordinator: 

He has formed a very great team of coordinators  

They worked on the application and succeed, Joomla was selected as GSoC organization this year: 

There were several ideas proposed: 

And now is time for students to ask questions and prepare their projects at!forum/jgsoc-2016  

Students will be soon sending their projects.


## Joomla 3.5.x status (Roland/George)

Release Date around March 16th

George, Marco and Roland will meet to make a decision on how to move forward with the Joomla core update in connection to the Extension installer. The idea is that the extension installer is only for extensions. The Joomla Updater will be used for core updates.


## Joomla 3.6.x status (Chris)

Target is for a first beta by end of April 2016 with a stable release by the end of June 2016.  This is ambitious and would shorten the period between minor releases if we achieve it.  This is in line with our intention to have smaller, more frequent releases.

I don't want to pull people's attention away from 3.5, so I've been waiting for that to go stable, although I don't think anyone was expecting it to take so long.

Web services is looking better now that I've moved a lot of code into the Profile object.  Hopefully, George will take a look at it as soon as he's done with 3.5.  Once George is happy (!?) it can be merged and I'll let everyone loose on fleshing out the remainder of the code and resolving a long list of (mostly) small issues.

I'll be appointing people as "feature leads" for the significant new features in 3.6. They will form the basis of the release team (not all have been formally asked yet).

Feature list for the release will be established by the first beta release.  If it's not ready by then, we bounce it to 3.7.  "Ready" doesn't necessarily mean bug-free, but it should be in a state where it is ready to be tested by end-users with the full expected functionality.


## State of Joomla 4 / UX (Marco)

J!4 group is focussing on its first tangible deliverable to be shown ultimately at JAB16 for which a developer pre-event is planned.

The deliverable is named CDH ( Jokingly named after "Chris Davenport Happiness" during one of the meetings). 

The deliverable defined as CDH Ms is in line with the goals and architecture as defined by the working group group during the sprints and meetings. 

There is however one notable exception where it deviate from Athens Code Sprint.

The proposal to build by morphing the existing 3.x slowly into 4.x was tried and failed in that it was extremely time consuming. Instead of this approach a ground up approach was taken which proved much more time effective for those who carried out the exercise. The ground up approach means that parts are written anew and wherever possible existing functionality is copied in from J3.x ( framework, libraries .. )

Meeting a Milestone and deliverable is a combination of requirements and time/resources available. As of this writing 4 members of the WG have committed to the millstone andcontributing. We are in the process of having a more detailed WBS and allocating resources. We will probably need more commitments.


## State of (Roland)

The translations have been moved over for 99%. The next step is to update to new ARS version which includes FOF 3 instead of FOF 2. After the update to the latest ARS we need to code the front-end upload feature. George and Roland will discuss on how to meet for a weekend to make this happen.


## In Between Budget 2016 (Robert)

The available PLT Budget for Jan - March is reported

Regarding Budget 2016: working on goals


## Joomla Contributor Agreement (Viktor)

Reviewing the handling of the notification emails. We should think about how to handle all signings in future.