By George Wilson on 2016-05-01 00:00 in Production Leadership Team

Joomla 3.5.2 status (George)

Beta on Monday (depending on health). Will tag a second beta after Manchester so all that stuff can be merged. We have already called for installation language freeze. Not this technically contains a new feature - the rebuild Joomla Update component (including a reinstall button and an upload button). We need docs for that functionality. 

Because we are shipping a new feature (Joomla Update features) we need to call 3.5.2 following semver 3.6.  George to confirm how this is going to work from marketing perspective with Mike V.


  • Alpha 21st May

  • Beta 25th May

  • Beta 1st June

  • RC 1 - 8th June

  • Stable 15th June 

The PLT agrees to rename 3.5.2 to 3.6, there will be no 3.5.2 release and we shifting numbers for the next planned releases. Chris will be the Release Leader for the next minor release  

Joomla 3.7.x status (Chris)

Proceeding at a reasonable pace but now a bit behind schedule.

Custom fields is on track.

New router is a bit concerning.  I've been writing the documentation for it, but I've found some bugs which we need to get fixed.  Hannes has just done a PR for one of the additional features that we want to include if possible.

Media manager - see Marco's item on the agenda.

Next step is to get an alpha release out.  I'm going to talk to George about it in Manchester next weekend.  Possible release a week or two later depending on how well the work is proceeding.

Since the media manager is delayed anyway, I think we're going to be about a month behind schedule.

I don't want any further "major" features in this release.  I think we have enough for 3.6 and we need to focus now on just getting everything working.

State of Joomla!X / UX (Marco)

J!X See Portal report. The “clean base” repo got made public. Goals is still to have the CDHMS milestone to discuss merits.
UX. Cliff is making a lot waves and getting some interesting data in about usage, however data is skewed to not include “already involved” users. Data also suggest that respondees do qualify themselves as tech-savvy. Final report and follow-up queries planned to further address personas

State of (Roland)

George and Roland will arrange a meeting after JAB to get together and bring the live. No concrete dates as of yet.

GSoC16 (Javier)

Joomla got six slots in the programme that can be checked at:

Projects have just started in the present week. And students are now getting into the community, meeting the mentors and starting their projects. 

Several GSOC16 repositories have been created at organization.

Budget 2016 (Robert)

Deadline for submitting the numbers were Friday last week so I requested a budget with looking at the 2015 Budget. Should be ok for us, have sent what I have requested to you all. Waiting now on response from Victor. 

Goals Document (Robert)

No more work has been done on this.

New Media Manager (Marco)

Well on its way, regrouped during JD16N, Jisse Reitsma. Reassignment of tasks, and new volunteers such as Niels Nubel. Due to personal obligations most of the work will take place / is planned for in May.
Asking for second low-cost “sprint” in “Roompot” solely dedicated to mediamanager.

Joomla Contributor Agreement (Viktor)

Contact OSM for update and access to the forms.

Code Sprint in Manchester (Viktor, Roland, George, Chris)

The Code Sprint will take place next week in Manchester, UK (6th - 8th May), organized by Brian Teeman. The aim is to thrash through Github issue queues to determine what is still valid, what needs a quick test, what can be closed as something we don't want and what can be marked for a future release (j4) etc.

Accessibility (Roland)

Now that the Routing has been merged for 3.7 I have taken on a new side project. At JDNL I was approached by someone who wants to implement accessibility into Joomla but does not know where to go. We do have an accessibility workgroup but nothing has come out of this. After contact with Pete Bui who leads this workgroup I found out he could not get coders and testers. So I have started to pull this horse forward and will be working with Pete to get this going. I have some testers and coders arranged, the GitHub repo has been created as well. Next step is for Pete to fill it with this stuff. A guy who is an expert in accessibility here in NL will work with us as well to share his knowledge and do the testing. He knows other people in the field of accessibility who are willing to test.

Stats Server (George)

We now have 300k rows in the database and things are starting to fall over a bit. George and Eli have been working together to improve the performance and should have something coming out next week to help deal with the issues.