By George Wilson on 2016-05-30 00:00 in Production Leadership Team

Marketing Meeting

The PLT spent the first hour discussing recent developments with Mike Veeckmans (marketing lead) and discussing the next few months and how we can improve communication between PLT and marketing.

Joomla 4/Joomla X/Joomla Lighthouse

Marco recapped the Joomla X development over the last year starting in Prague, and then moving on in Odense, Athens and then the decision to take the clean slate approach.

Some of the PLT raised concerns that 90% of the work was being done by Niels. This is unhealthy for the project for several reasons. There is a bus factor and there is an issue with having a single person could lead to an issue reviewing code and not being challenged down a better path for the CMS.

Once the CDH goals have been met then some companies have committed to providing more resources into the product and this should be within the next few weeks after JAB.

Concerns were raised about the technical level. But it was reminded that in 1.5 - MVC was a new thing to a lot of new developers. Command Bus’ were used as an example as being increasingly used in the wider PHP Community. People will not need to learn this stuff immediately - but will be required to pick things up over time - as there will be a transition layer.

The Typo 3/Neos model was raised as a potential real life scenario where a clean slate approach ended up with a fork. This was countered by an approach where architecture was like building a new house - if you are swapping from wood to concrete.

Next release - targeting to custom developers, ineffective to template devs

What do we need to do to keep the project healthy?

  • Extension devs

  • Custom devs

  • Template devs

  • Site integrators

Issues with the renderer system:

  1. Extension devs have to install 2 extensions

  2. Article content type

  3. You actively get extension developers shipping with different CSS/JS frameworks

  4. Core has to still set a version and thus defeats a primary purpose of the architecture

George asked to create a Joomla 4 release this will be based on the initial Prague document: The idea will be to release a Joomla 4 that contains the initial proposals. This will be delivered roughly 6 months after Joomla 3.7 is shipped (as the routing and DP Fields in that release is the priority). Ideally we will do this in 4 code sprints. One sprint to rebuild the code in the Pythag repository with code deprecations, the rebuilt event system and namespacing. Sprint 2 would be working on the MVC layer - trying to review what layout changes we can make and improve the controller/model separation. We will also bring in someone to review the default parameters. Sprints 3 and 4 would be focussed on making major changes to media manager to make it more modern. This would succeed the idea previously raised by Chris about having a Joomla 4 with just PHP and MySql requirements bumped. PLT agreed with this vision. We decided to set PHP minimum of 5.6 and MySQL 5.5 + MariaDB. MSSQL will be dropped and PostgreSQL will be retained. We will consult with Eli but are minded to turn on MySQL strict mode. All b/c breaks will be strongly documented.

The group returned to Joomla X. We set a goal of 2 months for the group to reach the CDHMS goals.

Transition Team

George filled in the team on the status of the transition team. Notes from the make it happen session will be published in the volunteer portal soon.


Robert filled in the team on the status of the budget and the amount of money that we have available. Many of these have already been discussed privately by email.

We are planning to do approximately 6 sprints:

  • Joomla 4

    • Port Pythagoras / JLayouts (George / July-August) - ~$8k

    • MVC Review / Webservices (George / October) ~$8k

    • 2x Media Manager (Marco / June-September) ~$10k

  • UX (Cliff) (possibly 2 sprints) ~$20k

  • Testing (Javier / October) ~$12k

  • Joomla X (Marco) ~$5k

  • Downloads site (Roland / July) ~$1k

Budget-wise the sprints should be doable.

PLT New members and members stepping down in the near future (Tessa and Robert)

  • Robert not renewing after August


  • Sends welcome email to Luca for PLT Assistant

  • Sends email to Javier for onboarding process information

  • Put out call for nominations for PLT Treasurer

    • Information on google doc for role description

    • Close in 14 days

    • Purpose: Transparency

    • Future candidate needs to be trained by Robert

The PLT reviewed the roles and responsibilities documents and updated the people responsible for various teams to reflect the activity.

How to deal with the new Github pricing policy (Javier)

Tessa has emailed GitHub to see as an open source organisation if we are able to get free private repositories as we use them for things like the security team.

We can keep the current plan for at least 12 months.

Viktor will update the members on GitHub to reduce our user base as much as possible.

Joomla 3.6.x status (George)

3.6.0 Alpha was released during JAB. 3.6 release continues on track with the Joomla Update component as the primary feature:

  • Alpha 21st May

  • Beta 25th May

  • Beta 2 1st June

  • RC 1 - 8th June

  • Stable 15th June

Release Management of the CMS

George demonstrated how to release Joomla when doing 3.6.0 alpha. The PLT talked again about how to automate more of the release process in order to reduce the release process. Roland will talk to developers to try and get something done in time.

Joomla 3.7.x status (Chris)

Custom Fields development is taking place at: . The PLT agreed the moustache rendering engine should be removed and replaced with a simple parser.

Hannes and Chris have had a long chat about the router. Chris started writing the documentation and has found several bugs. The existing known issue can be found at:

Media Manager will have code sprints nominally under Joomla 4, however the first sprint’s results will be targeted for inclusion in Joomla 3.7.

State of (Roland)

George and Roland will meet at the end of July to bring the up and take JoomlaCode down. Absolute priority is to move CMS Downloads across and get as much of the language packs ported across as possible over the 3 days.

End of day 1

GSoC16 (Javier)

Javier shared the Joomla GSoC 2016 Initial Phase Summary 23 May 2016-2.pdf document. Until the 23rd of May the students had the community bonding period. The bonding period is to get to know the mentors, discuss the proposal and get to know the community and the tools.

Coding starts on May 24th and goes on for 3 months. Each project has it’s own repo on Github. The repos are located at . GSoC only gave us 6 slots but we had more projects and these were organized by points. The top 6 were selected for GSoC.

We track the progress of the students via GitHub issues. Students need to write 3 articles, one at the start, middle and at the end. These articles will be published in the Joomla Community Magazine. Reports will be published regularly after major milestones on the Volunteers Portal.

PLT Assistant needs to talk to Puneet Kala to create a Google Summer of Code 2016 participants list at website.

Goals Document (Robert)

The Goals Document was used for the budget process but it is different now. We are going to draft a new goals document.

Joomla Contributor Agreement (Viktor)

Viktor contacted Mark Dexter and Marijke Stuijvenberg but received no access. Now Viktor will contact Martijn Boomsma to get access to the JCA and proceed from there. One change needs to be made to the JCA. The AGPL must be removed from the JCA.

Accessibility (Roland)

Joomla has an accessibility statement: The goal is to make Joomla meet an agreed accessibility standard. At first the standard needs to be decided upon.

Review UX Document from Cliff (George)

The PLT has no objections to the draft UX document put forward by Cliff Pfeiffer looking at the results of the UX survey. George will work with Cliff to start formulating concrete proposals for the issues raised.

Decoupling (Chris)

We still are committed to our decoupling program.

However the PLT still feel there are issues in terms of releasing and the logistics of maintaining and releasing components.

There has also been a problem with keeping track of open PR’s in the weblinks github - if we decouple most core components then we also will have a maintainability issue. As a result Chris D. is going to take charge of maintaining Weblinks.

Furthermore we feel that shipping core as empty would be a turnoff for people new to Joomla so the logistics of bundling some components when building the CMS (that could be uninstalled) is also something that needs investigating.

Releasing New Version of Install From Web (Robert)

Robert suggests that we use a small framework to setup an API to feed the Install from Web to improve performance.

Joomla 5 Year Plan

After a request from Mike V on Day 1 the PLT spent the last part of Day 2 assembling a 5 year plan for the project. This is still in an ideas form so will not be published at this stage but will be further worked on over the coming months both internally and in coordination with the marketing team