By Luca Marzo on 2016-07-26 00:00 in Production Leadership Team

The Joomla! Production Leadership Team (PLT) meets monthly.

This meeting was held on July 26th, 2016 at 21.00 CEST on Glip.

Team members

In attendance: Roland Dalmulder, Chris Davenport, Robert Deutz, Marco Dings, Javier Gomez, Luca Marzo, Tessa Mero, George Wilson.

Absents: Viktor Vogel.

Previous meeting minutes

Discussion outline

Structure Transition (Robert)

Just some thoughts about the transition:

The actual list of teams show us 72 teams with 27 assigned to to PLT, there are some teams we can merge as other areas can. But at the end of the day we as the production leadership will have at least 1/3 of the teams to handle. Good that we have continued our work :-).

I am pretty much done with the volunteers portal, it isn’t perfect but good enough to start with.

My personal feeling is that adding some members to the TT glip chat added also some energy and I see a good chance to finish the transition in a foreseeable period of time.

I have some concerns about the time after the transition is made and we have removed the PLT from the list of teams. I think we should seriously look at responsibilities and make sure we assigned all to future teams, we also need to teach them what they have to look at. I don’t think we can assume that the department coordination can handle all the task, there is a need to set themselves up before they can take over some tasks. I assume they (department coordination) will be floated with tasks at the beginning and if we can make there life easy the project will benefit.

Because of our personal involvement: I said that we should get rid of the current leadership and I think that’s the only way to make fresh start we really need. Nonetheless, we all have a lot of experiences and can help, so my suggestion is that we should go into teams and assist the new team leaders. We should make sure that new people in LT positions not make the same mistakes we made (or we know about). All are free to do what they think is right but that is my position on further LT involvement.

So here is the task list:

  • Check the teams list and propose some merges
  • Create a list of responsibilities the PLT holds
  • Assign responsibilities to groups
  • Teach and help team/team leaders

Mailing lists for JSST (Luca)

We need to wait until the CLT situation is resolved in order to get access to Google Apps and set up the mailing lists for JSST.

Joomla! 4.0 Document (George)

Document published to PLT for feedback. Will be published with a repository with some base work in in the next week or two.

Joomla! 3.6 Status after Release (George)

Joomla 3.6.1 will be published on 2nd/3rd August. Language freeze has been announced on July, 21.

JCA management (Luca, Viktor)

Luca will set up a new account on GitHub (unlinked from the Joomla! Organization) in order to try practically CLAHub. Once the test will be completed, PLT will decide whether to use it or no for JCA.

Reports from GSoC ‘16 (Javier, Roland)

Report from Puneet, the GSoC team coordinator:

  • 5 projects are going smoothly

  • Students have started Preparing for second round of JCM Article's for next month’s edition, they will present their progress in form of Screenshots, Videos, PR's etc.

  • Purchase Order Generation Request to Google for 5200 USD (3000 for GSoC Projects  + 2200 for Summit) payment for GSoC has been done. We OSM will receive the payment by September

  • GSoC Summit has been announced and we have decided to have one admin - one mentor fly for the summit to California this year in last week of Oct.

  • Open Call has been made in the team to all the mentors who ever is interested in attending the event. Decision will be finalized in next couple of weeks.

  • Puneet has already raised request to OSM for Status on Budget Approval Process, We are still waiting. OSM has been informed about Purchase Order Request as well.

  • Reports for all the project teams and overall GSoC Team are published on Volunteer portal.

Reports from Automated Testing (Javier)

Weblinks component (Chris)

A release is almost ready. New PRs received during last month. A beta version will be published soon.

New Media manager (Marco)

July 15th we had a mini-sprint day at the offices of Perfect Webteam. Architecture and design was discussed. Preliminary work breakdown discussed and initial wbd-packages assigned. Work Breakdown to be further refined and assigned to off-line participants.
Next day-sprint meeting aug 13th.

After that we plan for the J3.7 release sprint.
Code is in github as is more detailed documentation in the wiki

Project with University (Roland)

A number of projects have been put forward by the PLT, this will be worked out further by Roland. The final list will be send to the PLT over the next few days.

Sponsoring Pacific Northwest PHP Conference (Tessa)

We don’t have an approved budget, so we can make a decision only when we assume the budget will be approved as we submitted it.

PLT Treasurer Liaison (Tessa)

PLT is completing the voting about the member who will serve as Treasurer Liaison.

Code Sprints and GSoC are stuck until the budget is approved at OSM.

decide whether or not we are going to enforce the use of quoteName() and quote() in database queries. (Roland)

The PLT has decided that it will enforce the use of quoteName() and quote() methods on any new pull requests involving database queries. This to have consistent database queries that will work best across SQL platforms and with maximum security over time.

Discussion about the “Proposal to form an interim LT/board” from OSM’s Secretary.

The PLT doesn’t support the proposal about a interim group merge, tasks are on the table and have to be done. Any further discussion about the interim structure will take resources away from the tasks and delay the change. PLT will help with the implementation of the Transition as much as possible.

See status of OSM:!topic/joomla-leadership/Y7Ypso37DgM

Votes Summary

During this month, PLT had not any vote.

Boilerplate Generator progress (Roland)

It has been implemented by JetBrains into their Joomla plugin so whenever a user starts a Joomla component/module/plugin it will get the boilerplate code.


Meeting ends after 100 minutes. Luca will set up a doodle to choose the next meeting date.