By Roland Dalmulder on 2014-12-21 00:00 in Production Leadership Team

Present December 10th, 2014: Tom, Javier, George, Roland, Chris

Present December 11th, 2014: Tom, George, Roland, Chris, Thomas


The meeting started by welcoming the two new members, George and Roland, to the PLT team.


First the team discussed the voting on new members and it was decided that the voting closed on December 14th, 2014. A new round of voting could be held in 2015 if needed.


To prevent a large group of PLT members to step down when their terms end in the same month the team has gone over possible options on how to spread out members across the year. No decision has been reached yet.


With the old PLT members gone and the new members in it was time to redistribute the responsibilities. The team decided to postpone this until the PLT is complete again.


Next topic is the structure review on formalizing the CMS Release Team. A proposal has been put forward by Michael Babker which is well received by the PLT. Chris Davenport will start a thread to discuss the CMS Release Team idea so we can finalise it.


The budget for 2015 will be reviewed when the new members are on board. Chris Davenport will be the liaison for the budget.


Joomla 3.4 is waiting for the new JED to go live so that com_weblinks can be published. This is a requirement for the 3.4 beta to go out so this can be tested. A final release of 3.4 is not expected this year.


Roberto Segura will be the release manager for Joomla 3.5.


The status of the framework is an action point for George Wilson to discuss with Michael Babker to see what they like to see happen with the framework. After George has reported back we can move forward with a plan.


A document with the high level goals of 2015 is under review by the PLT. This is to stick to our mission "To provide a flexible platform for digital publishing and collaboration".


The minutes of the PLT meeting will now be published on the Volunteer portal in the reports section. Roland Dalmulder will write up the minutes of the December meeting for the Volunteer portal.


There are just too many Google docs flying around the place Roland Dalmulder stated and asked if we don’t have a CMS that can help. The team agreed that we have too many Google documents and as an interim solution we will have 1 Google Document that holds the links to all other Google Documents.


Now that the final release of 2.5 is out the door, it was requested if we could close all 2.5 issues on the tracker. The closing of open 2.5 issues will be done after December 31st, 2014 after the 2.5 release has reached the end of support.

In regards to extending the End Of Support for 2.5, the PLT has decided there will not be any extended period of support for 2.5.