By Luca Marzo on 2016-08-24 21:04 in Production Leadership Team

Team members

Presents: George, Javier, Roland, Chris, Robert Deutz, Marco, Luca, Robert Jacobi.

Absents: Viktor, Tessa

Time:  21:00 CET

Total time of the meeting:  80 minutes

Previous meeting minutes

Discussion outline

Welcome Robert J and explain format of meeting (All)

PLT welcomed Robert Jacobi as PLT Treasurer Liaison. Robert Jacobi will take the role of Robert Deutz, who will leave PLT at the end of the month. PLT would to say a big THANKS to Robert Deutz for his huge work as PLT Treasurer Liaison and member.

Organisation of a code sprint  (Robert D.)

PLT received an offer from the JAB e.V. (JandBeyond organizers) to cover expenses (as a credit) for a code sprint up to 12.000 Euro to bridge the time gap between now and when we have a valid Budget. So PLT needs someone who will do the organisation for a code sprint. George suggested to organize the Code Sprint in United Kingdom, so he will be in charge for this.

CMS Release Team (Robert D.)

PLT closed the nomination form and have selected members. Team building in progress. Robert Deutz will take care of this team in the first phase. The group involves now 12 people.

Branching Strategy for Code Repositories (Robert D.)

Main reason is that I think we should remove the Jenkins tests step. It brings more problems and I can't remember that we got a test result what we haven't gotten in the step before with travis test.

This topic will be further discussed on mailing list.

Joomla Contributors Agreement management (Luca, Viktor)

Luca created a new account on GitHub (unlinked from the Joomla! Organization) in order to try practically CLAHub. Some PLT members conducted tests on this demo repository. More tests will be done until next meeting. PLT will vote about Clahub adoption at the next meeting.

GSOC ‘16 Multilanguage issue (Roland)

The team that is working on the multi-language GSOC project is in a state of shock it seems after Thomas Hunziker called one of their PRs an architectural flaw. This is the PR in question:

PLT will look at this and Robert D. will review the complete PR in order to figure out a solution.

Joomlacode Status & Future (George)

As noticed by the issue PLT will close Joomlacode as soon as the new website will be ready to host Joomla! Packages. Roland and George are working on that.

A new place for Language Packs (Luca)

When the new Download website will be ready, all the Language Packs will be moved to the this property instead of being published on JoomlaCode.

Out of date Language Packs (Luca)

Luca opened a discussion on GitHub about the huge number of language packs that are out of date.

Many comments have been added to this discussion. PLT doesn’t want to enforce the use of any tools for active languages, but all the abandoned/out of date language packs will be moved to in order to welcome new contributors and look for new Translation Team coordinator for each abandoned language.

Teams under PLT Responsibility re-arrangement (Luca)

Luca shared a proposal document to change some of teams under PLT control, in order to re-arrange them in a functional way, remove inactive teams and merge some responsibilities efficiently. PLT discussed and voted and confirmed the motion. Teams will be rearranged.

Weblinks component (Chris)

Slow progress towards the Weblinks and 3.7 releases. Chris will involve other members to help with this component maintenance.

New Media manager (Marco)

We had another mini-sprint saturday on August 13th at Perfect Webteam offices in Netherlands . Mainly architectural discussions.
Details are in the wiki
Action / work breakdown to be created as. Plan is to add this to Joomla! Next minors 3.7 or 3.8.

Structure Transition (Robert D.)

Sander P. has updated the portal with his updated version of the extension and Ronni is working with the lawyers on the bylaw changes. Robert will leave the Transition Team Chat as soon as he’ll leave PLT.

Create Mailing lists for Joomla Security Strike Team (Luca)

David Jardin sorted out this directly with Viktor. So it should be ok now.

Joomla X (Marco)

At the meeting held in June 2016 in Barcelona, we gave a 2 month deadline to reach the goals as well as putting out a Joomla 4 goal in the meantime. We need to review if we have reached the goals as we are now over a month past this deadline REF: Bottom of

Reports from Google Summer of Code ‘16 (Javier, Roland)

Report from Puneet Kala, the GSoC team coordinator:

  • Javascript Testing Project is merged in the Core

  • Menu Item work Flow Project PR has been done Needs review

  • Automated Testing Project and Recording Action Log Projects would be soon sending PR's to core.

  • Multilingual Project work is in Progress, they need help from PLT on this + an additional patch for Contacts (read the PR discussion) from the project to work

  • Students are currently working on the Documentation to help understand how the Project works, for example:

  • Yves Hoppe and Puneet Kala will be travelling to GSoC Mentor Summit during last week of Oct, 2016.

  • Final Results of GSoC Program will be published by 29th August, via a Blog Post on Community Blog.

Reports from Automated Testing (Javier)

August has been a month with a lot of updates in the Quality area of the project, specially thanks to the results of the Google Summer of Code projects related to testing:

Lastest updates from the Testing Team are available now in the last meeting report:

Fix the ordering of articles and featured #11139 (Robert)

We reverted the original PR that made the B/C break, now we need to find a way to boost the performance again. We have some PR’s addressing this but this in WIP

Votes Summary

During this month, PLT had the following votes:

  1. Onboarding of Robert Jacobi as Treasurer Liaison (Passed, unanimously)

  2. Reverting of PR #8576 because of a B/C break in article ordering (Passed)

  3. Proposal of PLT depending teams rearrangement (Passed)