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  • Ruth Cheesley and Pete Bui have stepped down from CLT.

  • Guillermo Bravo is still on a leave of absence

  • Sander Potjer has resumed his role.

  • David Jardin continues his role




  • Rowan Hoskyns Abrahall

  • Johan Janssens

  • Cliff Pfeifer

  • Helvecio da Silva

  • Anibal Sanchez

  • Sandra Thevenet

  • Mike Veeckmans


All active members were in attendence.


New CLT Liaison Appointed: Anibal Sanchez


Anibal reported on the following items.


New listing specialists

These have been recruited and are nearly finished training, the listing queue will now begin to reduce due to this new manpower.

Template Migration.

Anibal requested access to the template repository, which has now been granted and is working on implementing the latest version of the official property template with help from Rowan and Mark Lee

Development Status.

New Elasticsearch

This is being worked on by George Wilson and initial results are very promising.

General Development

Anibal will put out a call for volunteers in order to help with the workload.

Joomla! Update System requirement (January 10th 2017)

This will no longer be a requirement for listing, as CLT understand that many extension developers use their own update system and making this a requirement would unfairly remove them from the JED.  The JED will simply display whether an extension uses the Joomla! update system or not.

Development Clone Sending Emails to Developers

It was reported that a clone copy of the JED was found to be sending erroneous emails to extension developers.  This has been addressed and the team has noted how important it is to ensure that all email triggers are disabled whilst working on a clone.

Twitter Account Blocking

It was reported that several Twitter accounts had been blocked by the JED Twitter account for no apparent reason.  This was found to have been done by a management bot by accident and this has now been resolved.


New CLT Liaison Appointed: Cliff Pfeifer


  • It was reported that the Search function was not working on the JRD.  This was found to be a missing Google Maps API and has been fixed.


Forum – http:/

New CLT Liaison Appointed: Cliff Pfeifer

  • An issue with registrations was reported, this has been resolved.


CJO – Joomla! Community Portal –

  • Events site is currently being merged back into the site.

  • Training has been merged into the site and is now live.

  • The shop has been merged into the site and final preparations for go live are being made currently.

  • An issue with Joomla! connect was reported, proper file that gives the message that the RSS feed is no longer in use will be created to mitigate this


JCM - Joomla Community Magazine –

New CLT Liaison Appointed: Helvecio Da Silva

  • Website migrated to 3.x and is live.

  • The template has been updated to a basic level.

  • Helvecio will ensure that the main .org template is used moving forward and any internal redesign uses overrides and custom.css within the main template.

  • Pages need updating and are being worked on as time permits.

  • JCM Survey is still ongoing, results will be shared with CLT when finished.

  • Social Media Communication is to be reviewed and improved including auto-posting of edition releases.

  • Will start using Social Media to also thank authors and translators for their work.

  • Calls for authors/translators will be made shortly.

  • Will look into featuring Spanish version on the homepage again as it was in the past.


JUG’s - Joomla User Groups

New CLT Liaison: Rowan Hoskyns Abrahall

  • New site is proving much easier for processing listings

  • Team is being scaled back in preparation for transition.

  • Need to start outreach

Events –

CLT Liaison: David Jardin

  • The site is currently being merged back into CJO.

  • A plan will be formulated before the next meeting on how to address the ongoing issues within the Italian Community surrounding their events and the community at large. –

Responsible: Sandra Thevenet

  • Redesign - CLT will be initiating discussions with this team.

  • Many dead links have been cleared up.

  • Link to will be removed as many links on this site are out of date. Matthew has been contacted with a view to bringing this resource back to life.
    (this item has been edited since publication for clarity)

  • Pages that need to be reviewed are being compiled and will be actioned.

  • Partners those listed will be reviewed and new partners (Github & Crowdin) will be added


Showcase Site :

CLT Liaison: David Jardin

  • Status of the new version. It’s our last 1.5 website.  The launch of the new site has been delayed until the 28th September to ensure that the site uses the latest .org template and that the reported issues on Github have all been closed.


Volunteers Portal:

Responsible: Sander Potjer

  • New version of the portal launched, code on Github  

  • Next steps in the upcoming weeks:-

  • Volunteer portal FAQ updated

  • Cleaning out of Teams and Members and nesting of sub-teams has been started and will be completed.


Social Team :Twitter, LinkedIn & Facebook

CLT liaisons: Mike Veeckmans & Sandra Thevenet

  • A strategy will be created to help Improve our communications including using more appropriate hashtags and making the most of trends.


MWG (Marketing Team)

CLT liaisons: Mike Veeckmans & Sandra Thevenet

Team Lead : Mike Veeckmans

  • Outreach will be done soon, .



Involved: Mike Veeckmans, Rowan Hoskyns Abrahall, Cliff Pfeifer, David Jardin, Helvecio Da Silva

  • CLT have reached out to the team to find out the status of the event and to offer support where needed.



Responsible: Johan Janssens

  • Set up a private GitHub repo for CLT to track internal issues and tasks.

  • Look into Google Analytics and setting up dashboards

  • Look into setting up GA to capture user data across properties