By Luca Marzo on 2016-09-29 22:18 in Production Leadership Team

Team members

Presents: Javier, Chris, Marco, Luca, Robert, Tessa, George

Absents: Viktor, Roland

Time:  20:30 CET

Total time of the meeting:  165 minutes

Previous meeting minutes

Discussion outline

Budget update (Robert)

Now we have a budget and we have also money coming from JaB.

  • We have not utilized any budget to-date

  • Total available: $116,500

    • Github Private Repositories ($500 now is this is $0 - thanks Tessa)

    • Supporting PBF Events ($4,500)

    • Code Sprints ($70,000)

    • Attending Joomla and PHP related events ($12,000)

    • Sponsoring Joomla and PHP related events ($8,000)

    • Increase engagement in Google Summer of Code ($18,500 GSoC is aware of available funds, do not know where they are with regards to anticipated spending)

  • Funds are split between conference costs, travel, and other (can provide more detail if required)

  • All funds for 2016 can only be utilized via reimbursement (the OSM travel bureau has changed and is not fully approved)

  • Robert will be also attending the OSM Financial Workgroup in NYC next week (paid for by OSM budget)

    • 2016 budget reclassifications

    • 2017 budget issues upon new structure

    • Review Quickbooks

    • Set groundwork for 2017

    • No actual budgets are being discussed - purely technical to help OSM Finance move forward

New media manager codesprint  (Marco)

After meeting up with a members on JDD16 in Leipzig, The proposal is to have a mediamanager codesprint 2 to 3 days (nov 19 - dec 1) preceding the Joomla Days in Vienna ( and combine attendance as this is close for a number of members. Vienna organisation can get us a free office venue.  We would be looking into airbnb for accommodation. Marco is in charge for this and will provide detailed information to PLT.

CMS Release Team (Luca)

PLT arranged the CMS Release Team and Robert Deutz is leading it.

CMS Release Team proposed a roadmap with dates for next releases.

PLT approved the following roadmap:

Patch Release 3.6.4

It is not clear if we are shipping a 3.6.4 this year, if we are then the schedule should be

  • 18. October Installation Language Freeze

  • 25. October Language Freeze

  • 1. November RC1

  • 8. November Stable

Next Minor Release 3.7.0

The Next Minor Release is 3.7.0, if we like to ship it this year we need to set a schedule now. PROPOSAL:

  • 4. October 3.7.0 Alpha

  • 18. October 3.7.0 Beta1 (Installation Language Freeze)

  • 8. November 3.7.0 Beta2 (Language Freeze)

  • 22. November 3.7.0 RC1

  • 29. November 3.7.0 RC2

  • 6. December 3.7.0 Stable

Goal Document Status (Robert)

Robert has reviewed Robert Deutz’s initial document, this is an October project after sorting out Finance.

CMS Maintenance Team (Luca)

CMS Maintenance Team has been restored and synced in order to include maintainers on GitHub. A dedicated channel on Glip is used to share thoughts about improvements and tests on PRs. This will improve communication between maintainers.

GSOC ‘16 (Javier)

An architectural issue was detected in the PR #11623. Robert Deutz analysed the content of the PR and proposed some changes. Actually the GSOC Project Team has an open discussion in order to face the issues with the component.

Puneet has requested assistance from PLT reviewing:

1) Recording Action Logs.

2) Improve Menu Item Workflow.

PLT will discuss about the PR #11623 and will vote on merging the projects #11834 and 11766.

Download Repository (Luca)

The brand-new has been tested and reviewed by several members of PLT and other teams. PLT wants to thank Michael Babker, MAT, Sandra and all the other who worked to this new property. Actually is in public beta test.

Out of date Language Packs (Luca)

After the discussion on GitHub about the language packs abandoned, Luca is working on a document/plan to move such languages on and look for new language coordinators (one for each abandoned LP). Luca will share the “plan” on the PLT mailing list in the coming week.

Link to the discussion:  

Joomla! 3.7 Release Leader (George)

Chris stepped down as Release Leader for Joomla! 3.7. George volunteered to take the lead.

PLT had a discussion about the new Release Leader. George will serve as Deputy Lead and PLT Liaison.

Joomla! 4 (George)

Some repositories have been created on GitHub, working mainly on backend features and templates. The plan is to have an alpha version at next JandBeyond 2017.

Teams under PLT Responsibility re-arrangement (Luca)

Teams under PLT responsibility have been re-arranged as follows:

  • Search Working Group -> Archived

  • Translation Tools Working Group -> Merged as Subteam of Translation Working Group

  • Update Working Group -> Archived

  • Mobile Apps Team -> Merged as Subteam of Web Services Working Group

  • Distribution Working Group -> Archived

  • Documentation Helpscreen Team -> Merged as Subteam of Documentation Working Group

  • Documentation Translation Team -> Merged as Subteam of Documentation Working Group

  • Google Summer of Code Project Teams -> Merged as Subteams of Google Summer of Code Joomla! Team. The main GSOC Team is under the OSM responsibility, the subteams are under PLT responsibility.

  • Joomla! X Architecture -> Merged as Subteam of Joomla! X Working Group

All the team under PLT responsibility can be viewed here:

Weblinks component (Chris)

The component is almost ready for the release. Chris will look at the project over the next week, a release will be published soon.

Joomla X (Marco)

Pleased to announce that the team feels that we have reached the CDHM milestone, as put forward by PLT as an objective means of determining the feasibility of Joomla!X, While we will keep working on it we are ready for discussion and review. To lower the bar of getting started we propose to have a joined hangout / meeting next week  to do the inception. We’ll open a doodle to find the meeting date and time.
Current status is a proof of concept, so it is not a product, it’s rough around the edges and lacks a slick ui, however it meets the criteria. This status marks a turning point in further development as we could now work on distributing the load and increasing the bus-factor. To shift to this next gear we need to be able to tell people interested there is a future in it, which is decided here.

Reports from Automated Testing (Javier)

Team is working hard to finish the Prital’s work on Behaviour Driven Development testing.

More about BDD:

Back to the Future 3 - Bootstrap 3 in Joomla! (Marco)

There is an active group of integrators, developers and designers that have put in significant effort into  research and discussion to close the gap for framework used and get to a Bootstrap migration layer They have documented the findiings to date, available as

This group felt actively discouraged by leadership members ( not important here who ) telling the group this was *not* going to happen. As i’m not aware of any *official* voting or rejection i volunteered to take it to PLT. As community effort this proposal deserves our respect and not individual rejection. It offers an option to a problem we have now whilst building a bridge to the upcoming major releases ( J4 ). As for designing a template for J!3.x or J!4 based on BS3 or BS4 the effort would not be significantly larger than doing it for say J!4 alone.
Marco proposed to set this up as a PLT supported (sub-)  working group and see how this can be added to a next release. PLT decided to keep this item open for discussion in the mailing list.

Facebook Authentication inclusion - PR #11778 (Luca)

PLT voted about merging in the core the Facebook authentication method and decided to reject the PR 11778, in order to keep the Joomla! CMS core lightweight. But, after an internal discussion, PLT decided to ask to Nicholas Dionysopoulos (the Author of this PR) to split his work in 2 parts: the first to containing improvements to com_users and mod_login to be directly merged in the core; the second part that includes all the Facebook authentication logic, to be developed as an Authentication Plugin and maintained as Official Extension with Nicholas as Leader.

Attendance at JWC (Marco)

Marco’s sessions have been accepted and he has tentatively acknowledged. So dependent on the budget information he proposed to represent PLT at the JWC. From discussions it became clear that most of PLT members are already otherwise engaged, so a summit makes little sense. Marco will try to arrange a PBF at JWC.

Use of the @deprecated tag (Chris)

Following research into usage by other projects, it was decided that the version number in @deprecated tags should be interpreted as being the version in which the deprecation notice was raised and not the version where the code will be removed.  According to our current development strategy, the code should be removed in the first minor release of the next major version following the version in which the deprecation notice is raised.  A PR will be forthcoming to correct any incorrect tags in the current codebase.

CREDITS file out of date

This topic came out in the CMS Maintenance Team. The CREDITS file is out of date and it includes all the contributors before the migration to Github. . Team is working on a way to have this file up to date otherwise it will be removed from the installation and included in a documentation page.

Votes Summary

During this month, PLT had the following votes:

  1. Inclusion of Facebook Login - PR #11778 (Rejected)

  2. Approval of CMS Release roadmap proposed by CMS Release Team (Passed)