By Luca Marzo on 2016-10-20 19:49 in Production Leadership Team

Team members

Presents: Javier, Chris, Marco, Luca, Robert, Tessa, George, Viktor, Roland

Absents: -

Time:  20:00 CET

Total time of the meeting:  110 minutes

Previous meeting minutes

Discussion outline

Budget update (Robert)

Robert shared the details after the Financial Workgroup Meeting in New York, October 6-7. Data will be published by OSM as soon as possible. PLT approved an Automated Testing sprint at the end of the year.

CMS Release Team (George)

CMS Release Team is working as expected. The 3.6.3 release process has been completed properly, even if the release has an issue with the Two Factor Authentication. We are likely to release 3.6.4 in the next week to deal with this.

GSOC Shareable drafted content (Roland)

PLT is currently voting about merging the PR. Voting process will end on October 31, 2016. Results will be published.

GSOC Improved Multilingual (Javier)

PLT is currently voting about merging the PR. Voting process will end on October 31, 2016. Results will be published.

Issue with Unlimited private repositories (Tessa)

Michael Babker noticed that is not possible to create more than 10 private repositories within the Joomla! Organization on GitHub, even if the project received unlimited private repositories. Tessa will try to contact Github support to figure out this.

Report from JSST (Viktor)

JSST welcomed two new members: Yves Hoppe and Peter Martin. Team re-activated mailing lists to forward vulnerability reports to all team members. Team is working to some patches that will be shipped with 3.6.4 soon.

Joomla! 3.7 (George)

Routing has now been fully merged. We are likely to release our first alpha in the next few weeks depending on a final code review of Custom fields.

Joomla! 4 (George)

Joomla 4 has continued to make progress with more code removal and refactoring. I have started to turn attention to what features we want to actually demonstrate to attract users to upgrade.

J4 templates are under heavy work. We are still working in a private repository but hope to make that public in mid-late December.

Joomla X (Marco)

We worked on extending testability & test coverage. Big part on command line interface coverage, We are using docker containers for testing. Extra effort put into documenting the code and workings.

Reports from Automated Testing (Javier)

Selenium 3.0 has been released. This will affect our acceptance tests, we are working on updating our Selenium Server Standalone library:

The Automated Testing Working Group coordinators together with Robert Jacobi are organising an Automated Testing Code Sprint that will take place in Germany from the 9th to the 11th of December.

The Automated Testing Working Group has decided to have two Glip groups, one for general testing debates and one specific for the active members of the team. Members not active will be moved to the honor roll.

Facebook Authentication plugin (Luca)

Following the PLT decision, Luca created a repository on Github to host the code of the Facebook Authentication plugin developed and maintained by Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos and will be released as Official Extensions. Code is available here:

The plugin is almost ready to be released. Component translation is managed by Community Translation Team through Crowdin. Facebook Authentication plugin will be available for Joomla! 3.7 and is dependant from the PR #12061 that needs to be tested and merged in 3.7 codebase. Please help testing

CREDITS file out of date

This topic came out in the CMS Maintenance Team. The CREDITS file is out of date and it includes all the contributors before the migration to Github. . PLT decided to remove the content from the file and move it to a page in the Joomla! Docs. Credits file will include a link to that page.

PHP-FIG representative

Even if Robert Deutz stepped down from PLT, he will still serve as PHP FIG representative, since he’s Team Leader of the CMS Release Team.

Pizza Bugs and Fun

Roland is organizing a PBF in The Netherlands on November 4th. Luca will try to arrange a PBF at the end of november / early december in Italy.

Votes Summary

During this month, PLT had the following votes:

  1. Automated Testing Code Sprint 2016 (Passed)

  2. Improving menu item workflow in Joomla! GSOC (Voting process ends on october 31)

  3. Recording action logs GSOC (Voting process ends on october 31)

  4. Removing out of date content from CREDITS file and moving it to a JDocs page (Passed)