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Mike Veeckmans (MV)
Sandra Thevenet (ST)
Rowan Hoskyns Abrahall (RHA)
Cliff Pfeifer (CP)
Sander Potjer (SP)

Apologies: Anibal Sanchez, David Jardin, Johan Janssens, Helvecio da Silva


  • We will put together a post event survey requesting numbers, sponsors etc so we can gather a better picture of Jday Events and ensure all events have published financial reporting.


  • As this is a CLT budget line, we need to be made aware of any proposed contracts for next year before they are signed. We will be contacting Sarah Watz and the JWC team to ensure this oversight takes place.


  • Cliff steps down as Liaison, Mike Veeckmans takes his place.  Introductions have been made formally and this is now in place.

  • CDN and Footer menu have been updated and site has been switched to https


  • An article regarding the JCP was written by a CLT member without the team’s permission or knowledge. Articles had to be unpublished which put a great amount of strain on the JCP and JCM teams unnecessarily.  We must make sure this doesn’t happen again.

  • JCM will look to doing more crafted social media posts rather than relying on pure automated system generated posts.



  • About Joomla! Page to be updated to correctly display the 3 download options (Download - Demo - MV and ST to work on implementing this.

  • Press section will be added to site to contain press releases.

  • When new downloads site is launched current (out of date) video on homepage will be removed and the position used to highlight the new downloads site.  Moving forwards this position will be used to highlight any important element, event or project that is relevant at the time.



  • Birthday field to be added to volunteer’s profile (day and month only)

  • Export of Volunteers to be provided to Marketing.

  • Updated VJO for transition has been put up for testing, has been tested and is ready for Transition.


  • This site is an official project team hosted on a project server and as such is subject to the same oversight and requirements of any other team.  We will be looking at ways to improve the look and feel of the site.

Webmaster Team

  • Downloads site will be launched at the end of October/beginning of November.  All properties with links to the old downloads page will need to be updated.  

  • CDN menu and footer have been updated in the template repo.  Ready for pulling when the launch has happened.  Properties not using this will need to do the update manually.

Social Team

  • Will be starting a Thank You campaign to volunteers shortly.

  • url shortner issues are still being worked on.


  • Allocated some budget to JET to allow JET to run.

  • Mascot call has been launched.

  • 3.7 Teaser copy is in progress with imagery starting soon.