By Luca Marzo on 2016-12-29 23:41 in Production Leadership Team

Team members

Presents: Luca, Robert, Chris, Marco, George, Roland

Absents: Javier, Tessa, Viktor

Time:  21:30 CET

Total time of the meeting:  110 minutes

Previous meeting minutes

Transition Process

The Joomla! Transition Team started the transition process, driving the Joomla! Community to the new model and structure. All the teams arranged call for nominations and elections to elect Team Leaders and Assistant Team Leaders. PLT (as CLT and OSM) will be dissolved at the end of the Transition and will be replaced by the Production Department. All teams currently under the PLT responsibility will fall under the new Production Department.

CMS Maintenance Team

Team Leader: Roland Dalmulder

CMS Release Team

Team Leader: Philip Walton

Core Translation Team

Team Leader: Ilagnayeru (MIG) Manickam

Documentation Team

Team Leader: Sandra Thevenet

en-GB User Interface Text Working Group

This group has been moved as subteam of CMS Maintainers Team.

Framework Team

Team Leader: George Wilson

Joomla! X Working Group

Team Leader: Marco Dings

Assistant Team Leader: Niels Braczec

Security Strike Team (JSST)

Team Leader: Michael Babker.

SQL Optimization Working Group

This group, inactive since long time, has been archived.

User Experience (UX) Team

Pending review

Web Services Team

This group, inactive since long time, has been archived.

Discussion outline

Budget update (Robert)

For 2016, as of December 29, we are at 59.49% of budget expenses.

New Media manager (Marco)

NMM was suffering from changes in active participants and redefinition of its goals. With the team that emerged from Vienna, even after Vienna the direction has changed.

Vienna Sprints resulted in a basic proof of concept showcasing the plugin systems. This has been refined in the wiki. A milestone 1 is defined targeting feb/march for J3.8, given more time additional goals may be added to facilitate an easier transition to J!4.

The NMM is now established as a group on the volunteers portal with Allon Moritz as team lead. Seen that this group will exist through 2017 we should add id as official under Production.
Group has 3 issues to bring in front of PLT

  • Don't allow new PR's on that as the new NMM group otherwise is chasing a moving target

  • Sanction usage of vue.js (v2) in the new, new media manager views where needed

  • Objections against ES-5 compatibility ?

PLT discussed questions submitted by NMM team.

Google Summer of Code Projects (Roland)

Google Summer of Code Team is organising a sprint in India at the end of January to define the strategy for GSOC 2017.

Pending GSOC projects will be merged as soon as they will be ready and tested.

Joomla! 3.7 (George)

We have released 3.7 alpha one as per our release schedule. After feedback there are a variety of issues related to custom fields that are currently being or have been fixed. We also have the UX team doing a format review of custom fields. They have a document available for those looking to volunteer to help with this aspect. We currently intend on sticking to the announced release schedule.

Joomla! 4 (George)

There is work happening again. I’m currently reviewing the code that Hannes wrote for J4 (including custom fields and search reworks). I’m gather feedback on the Pull Request from Michael with session metadata reworking because this could give side effects on other CMS features and proposed features.

The J4 group will be taking part in the London supersprint in January. There will be a mix of people working on the backend template with the aim of getting it ready to be merged into the public repository (depending on the release of the final bootstrap alpha). There will also be a group working on the MVC layer with the intention of making web services integration substantially easier and making coding easier for extension developers.

Joomla! X - CDMH Milestone (Marco)

The Joomla!X Team considerers J!X CDMH passed some time ago. The passing of the MS should be confirmed by PLT to move forward. An email has been sent to PLT (mail with subject: Joomla!X and the CDMH - dec 21th) with more information including an invitation for a guided tour of the milestone and code.

PR Review and Test policy (Luca)

GitHub introduced recently a new interesting feature, that allow people to mark Pull Requests (PRs) as reviewed, from a code perspective, allowing also to put comments and ask for changes. Even if the code review is good, in order to ensure high quality code and stable releases, PLT wants to point out that the “2 tests” policy will stay as official rule: each PRs needs to have 2 successful tests in order to be marked as “Ready to Commit” (RTC) and then merged in the Joomla! CMS codebase.

Weblinks component (Chris)

It's ready but I was holding back rather than release over Christmas. Expect a release sometime next week. In the meantime I want to get the help screens updated.

Votes Summary

During this month, PLT had the following votes:

  1. Transfer back authentication plugin ownership to Nicholas D. (Passed)

  2. Extended code sprint for february (Passed)

  3. GSOC Strategic Meeting in January 2017 (Passed)