By Roland Dalmulder on 2015-01-26 00:00 in Production Leadership Team

PLT Meeting Document January 15th, 2015

Present January 15th, 2015: Tom, Javier, George, Roland, Chris, Viktor, Jessica, Thomas, Robert



  1. Welcome new members: Jess, Robert and Viktor ( 5 minutes, Javier)

  2. Dealing with term renewals (old members renewing, new member terms)

  3. Moving responsibilities And Structure review

  4. Meeting calendar for 2015

  5. Budget 2015

  6. Travel approval

  7. Status of the Framework

  8. Status of Joomla 3.4

  9. Status of Joomla 3.5

  10. Status of Joomla 3.6

  11. Looking forward to Joomla 4.0

  12. Final Goals for 2015

  13. Moving report tool

  14. Too many docs

  15. Close all 2.5 issues?

  16. EoL for 2.5

  17. Problem with JoomlaCode

  18. General discussion: JED + Webinstaller

  19. General discussion: Routing provided by Hannes

  20. General discussion: Priorities/Ordering Issues for a better overview

  21. Other topics

    1. Sprint Policy

    2. Marketing with Sensis (Jess 5 min)

    3. Business Cards

1 Welcome new members: Jess, Robert and Viktor ( 5 minutes, Javier)

The meeting started by welcoming the three new members, Jessica, Robert and Viktor, to the PLT team.


2 Dealing with term renewals

Two members, Javier and Tom have expiring terms, they have been asked to follow the procedure so their terms can either be extended or ended.


This brings us to the terms of new members, as many new members joined the PLT in the same month, this would mean a lot of people possibly leaving in the same month. This is not good for continuance, so it has been decided to roll the dice to extend the term of each member, so departure is spread across the year.


3 Moving responsibilities And Structure review

The list of tasks of the PLT needs to be assigned amongst it’s members. First the list needs to be reviewed and revised as required. Jessica is going to combine all responsibilities into one spreadsheet.


4 Meeting calendar for 2015

The meeting calendar for 2015 has been established to be the 3rd Thursday of every month, although this is not set in stone and depends on availability.


5 Budget 2015

Reviewed the budget for 2015, not much to say at this point. PLT will wait for the budget review that takes place on January 16th. The outcome will be communicated with the PLT. The PLT will improve their own process of budgeting, so it will be easier to budget for 2016.


6 Travel approval

Getting approval for travel is next on the agenda. Any travel done paid for by the PLT needs to be approved by the PLT. An email needs to be send to the PLT mailing list stating the purpose of your visit, the goal of your visit and an estimate of the cost. Once approved by the majority of the PLT. The member can go ahead and make arrangements.


7 Status of the Framework

The Joomla! Framework 2.0 plan needs to be written up by George and Michael so a formal release can be planned and they need to get people on board to help. Mostly developers are needed, Jessica will discuss this with the new marketing vendor to see if developers can be attracted. In addition the framework roadmap page will need to be updated as well. Chris made the suggestion to put a call out for people on the mailinglist.

8 Status of Joomla 3.4

The status of 3.4 is that the PLT is committed to get this release out the door. A standing issue is the two reCaptcha plugins, they will be merged into a single plugin. This will be done by Roland and Viktor.


9 Status of Joomla 3.5

Joomla! 3.5 lead is Roberto Segura and George will take an active role in this release due to his work on the single task controllers. Javier will act as a liaison when needed. It is not a given, single task controllers will go into 3.5 though. The PLT will need to discuss this further.

10 Status of Joomla 3.6

Chris Davenport will be the Joomla! 3.6 lead, a vision will be written up on the mailing list soon.


11 Looking forward to Joomla 4.0

The ensure the future of a new Joomla release we need to start discussing and deciding what goes in and what goes out. A working group will be formed by George and Robert.


12 Final Goals for 2015

The goals of 2015 for the PLT have been written up by Chris and revised by the team. Once all done they can be published.


13 Moving report tool

To be more transparent and accountable the PLT will be posting reports regularly on the page.


14 Too many docs

Having too many documents floating around is still an issue. We should start by having all documents in the PLT folder, so they can always be found.


15 Close all 2.5 issues?

All the open 2.5 issues have been closed by Brian.


16 EoL for 2.5

No need to change something, EoL was the 31.12.2014


17 Problem with JoomlaCode

Problems with JoomlaCode remain, as an alternative Michael Babker and others are building a download server. An announcement will have to be made when JoomlaCode is going to be terminated.

18 General discussion: JED + Webinstaller

Viktor will get the web installer and JED API ready for 3.4. More information needs to be gathered on how it will work for the next meeting.


19 General discussion: Routing provided by Hannes

The routing as being worked on by Hannes is not getting enough testers. With the 3.4 release going out soon, this won’t be in the 3.4 release. We agree that Johan’s review is good for the PR’s and that it is a Joomla! 3.5 feature. The idea is to merge it early into the 3.5 release cycle so it get’s more testing from the community. George is in communication with Hannes about the status of his PR’s.


20 General discussion: Priorities/Ordering Issues for a better overview

Robert raised the issue on the priorities on the issue tracker are not used to make them  useful for the process. He is going to see what we can do to get a better overview.


21 Other topics

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