By Private Profile 21c8705f on 2014-07-15 00:00 in Community Leadership Team

Participants: Guillermo Bravo, Isidro Baquero, Ruth Cheesley, Dianne Henning, David Jardin, Peter Martin, Olaf Offick

Absent: Brad Baker, Peter Bui,  Alice Grevet, Sander Potjer

Abbreviation Guide:

Agenda Items & minutes:

A. Progress Overview of CLT managed sub-sites:

  1. JRD

    1. The JRD liaison role is being implemented.

  2. JCM

    1. Update from meeting held on July 9 with Migration Team: next meeting scheduled for August 9.

  3. Showcases (

    1. Feedback will be coming over the next weeks/months about how the update is working.

B. Other

  1. Basecamp to-do’s discussion

    Revisit communication enhancements agreed on during the Joint Meeting during JAB. The team agreed to be more active in Basecamp and try to implement the agreement. Isidro will share the document via email for discussion.

  2. Work toward the unification of team structure and processes for CLT. Isidro will work on some documentation to share at the next meeting.

  3. Appoint 3 CLT members for the Leadership Structure Team.

    Our original members during JAB:  Ruth Cheesley, Isidro Baquero and Sander Potjer. People interested in joining if others need to step down: Peter Bui and Alice Grevet.

  4. CLT support for Think Bigger initiative. 

    Find out if Paul Orwig agrees to continue leading the team and if there is an interest in utilizing the Showcase site for it.