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Participants: Peter Martin, Sander Potjer, Olaf Offick, Ruth Cheesley, Guillermo Bravo, Dianne Henning, Peter Bui, Alice Grevet, David Jardin

Absent: Brad Baker, Isidro Baquero

Abbreviation Guide:

Agenda Items & minutes:

A. Progress Overview of CLT managed sub-sites:

  1. JED

    1. A security company has inquired about adding an authentication category in the JED for a plugin they have developed. The proper way to do this is to submit a ticket and the JED team will take care of those requests. 

  1. JRD

    1. JED Launch
      The launch is delayed for a bit because of SEO problems with some listings.

    2. Rochen Support Ticket
      Guillermo will email Brad after the meeting about it.

    3. Potential meeting JWC [Guillermo]
      The possibility of having a meeting with the JRD team in Cancun is being investigated, but so far they didn’t get travel approval.

  2. JCM

    1. Spanish team transitions update
      The leadership of the Spanish magazine is undergoing some changes. Guillermo is working to ensure a smooth transition.

    2. German language version request
      Christiane Viatte has a German team of writers in place and has requested a platform for a German magazine on the JCM.

  3. Events

    1. Please submit a talk for the JWC and book your tickets.

    2. A report from today’s JET team meeting will be coming soon.

  4. LinkedIn & Facebook

    1. Sigrid Suski has been leading the social media team. The team is more active than before.

    2. Congrats for the 150.000 likes in Facebook:

  5. Joomla Google+ Community Hangout

    1. The Joomla Google Hangouts are monthly with rotating time frames and a panel of 4 different presenters to take shifts and work the Hangout. Content will be prepared 3 months in advance and in liaison with CLT/Marketing and PLT. If anyone would like to help with hosting the hangouts or can suggest people let Pete Bui know.

B. Other

  1. Google is holding a conference focused on Mobile in San Francisco. OSM is discussing a travel budget for it. Peter Martin is interested in going and will write a JCM article on it.

  2. Delete Account / Remove Personal Data from website requests: normally, when requested, the account is removed but the posts remain, since it messes up the comments. The forum and JED accounts are different – it’s easier to delete a JED account. In the forum, if a person wants to be removed, the name and email address are changed to remove the identity, but the data is kept. Peter Martin will write short internal Standard Operating Procedure for forum, JED, JRD, Community when we get remove requests.

  3. Code of Conduct revision update: two documents are in place. A section should be added on team activity regarding members of the same family. The JWC team  is creating a short COC policy for the event.

  4. Moving forward with the leadership structure change. A meeting is planned for next week.

  5. Community Leadership Conference report: Joomla is an unusual case as no one has a paid position. Our international aspect and attention to cultural differences are things we do well on. Sander and Dianne will combine notes to produce a report.

C. Communication / Blog posts

Grace Hopper: