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Participants: Guillermo Bravo, Peter Martin, Sander Potjer, Olaf Offick, Dianne Henning, Peter Bui, Isidro Baquero, Alice Grevet, David Jardin

Absent: Brad Baker, Ruth Cheesley

Abbreviation Guide:

CLT = Community Leadership Team ... -team.html

Agenda Items & minutes:

A. Progress Overview of CLT managed sub-sites:

  1. JED

    1. Extension Usage tracking
      There is a request from devs to allow a small piece of anonymous tracking Google analytics code in their extensions for marketing purposes. Respond to Sander’s email about it with feedback.

    2. New JED update
      There have been some delays, but a new version will be rolled out later this week on Aiming to release it by the JWC.

    3. The new JRD is already working, but there are some issues with caching. Talks are underway with Rochen.

  2. Forum

    1. A forum hack on Sept. 3 was quickly intercepted and cleaned up with help from Rochen.

  3. JCM

    1. German magazine update
      The JCM dev team is in the process of preparing a German language section of the magazine.

  4. Events

    1. JET update
      Since the list of recipients was posted, one person has said they cannot make it. Dianne will make an addendum to the list.

    2. CLT team members are invited to fill in the JWC Travel sheet [LINK]


    1. Redesign of our websites
      Discuss at next meeting when Ruth is present.

  6. Think Bigger

    1. Olaf agrees to be the CLT liaison. Sander will communicate that to the team.

  7. VEL

    1. Sander agrees to be the CLT liaison to the VEL. CLT will offer to sponsor team leader Claire Mandville’s presence at JDay UK. Sander can meet with her there.

B. Other


  1. Marketing Budget Requests (please vote in the email):

    1. (10ft + hard carrrying case with graphic) $1.348,00

    2. (36in) $139,00

    3. $124,00

    4. flyers (Postfly, 2000 A5 flyers, 500 per region) $427,00 + shipping = $518
      (they are still looking for a cheaper one in the states to print the files.) Dianne will give printer details recommendations to Olaf to send on to the team about printing and mailing.

    5. T-Shirts (price to be confirmed, separate vote)

    6. screen cleaners (5000, covered by Events Team budget) – ship leftover screen savers to next event.

  2. JoomlaDay™ Chile: Guillermo requests air fare funding from CLT to attend JDay Chile. He will circulate the request via email.