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Participants: Olaf Offick, Guillermo Bravo, Dianne Henning, Peter Bui, Isidro Baquero, Alice Grevet, Brad Baker, Sander Potjer

Absent: Ruth Cheesley, Peter Martin, David Jardin

Abbreviation Guide:

Agenda Items & minutes:

A. Progress Overview of CLT managed sub-sites:

  1. JED

    1. Quick new JED development update
      Working on a search bug right now. November 3 is the target launch, which will not be met but things are progressing.

  2. JUG’s

    1. The process of JUG requests is more efficient. New team members are making a difference.
      Ruth and Jenn Gress will do a session on JUGs at the JWC during the Joomla in Action section. JUG organizers from around the world have sent in resources to showcase great things going on. Photos and videos are being collected for this purpose.

  3. Events

    1. Ruth, who attended Grace Hopper with Sarah Watz, reports an incredible experience, with 8000 delegates, most of whom were students and female.  They spoke to hundreds of people, and Ruth led a session. Over a hundred people signed the form to get involved, and contacts were made with teachers/faculty who wanted to know more about using Joomla in their courses.

      The booth got a lot of positive comments – clear message. Flyers were helpful.

      Ruth is mentoring and trying to connect the people who expressed an interest. It’s time consuming – a solution with automated emails pointing people to resources would be helpful.

      She’s planning a women’s PBF event in December/January to get more women involved in bug testing/squashing.  Aiming to have a strong presence at JWC bug squashing too.

      Lots of new people are being added to the Facebook Joomla women’s group.


Menu changes are needed for all sites with different layouts. This is part of a redesign discussion. Include in JWC agenda.

  1. Showcases (

    1. New site update

      Very close to a beta stage and almost ready to move to a sandbox, the showcase site is being built on Seblod but with no customization for easy maintenance. It is multilingual. The transition from the old site to the new is being planned. Rules on acceptance criteria will be defined. A call for volunteers to join the team will go out soon.

  2. VEL Team

    1. Status update

      The team discussed the role of the VEL within the Joomla project and as it relates to the JED.

B. Other


  1. Budget 2015 – schedule a separate meeting for it. Budget timeline:

    28-Oct-2014 — Start date
    14-Nov-2014 — Deadline to set goals
    21-Nov-2014 — Deadline to set objectives for each goal
    5-Dec-2014 — Deadline to estimate budget items to support objectives and assign line item owners
    12-Dec-2014 — Deadline to finalize monthly dollar amounts
    18-Dec-2014 — Hold budget vote at monthly OSM meeting

  2. CLT financial Liaison
    Olaf has been the liaison and will continue to coordinate in the budget process.