By Luca Marzo on 2018-01-22 13:34 in Board of Directors

Open Source Matters, Inc.
Full Board of Directors and Officers Meeting

Date: January 18, 2018
Time: 18:00 UTC
Total time of meeting: 1 hour 15 minutes


Robert Jacobi (President), Aleksander Kuczek (Vice President), Luca Marzo (Secretary), Rowan Hoskyns-Abrahall (Director), Michael Babker (Director), Yves Hoppe (Director), Søren Beck Jensen (Director), Sandra Decoux (Director).


Mike Demopoulos (Treasurer).

Discussion outline


  • CMS Garden membership application done.

  • Robert and Rowan are working on a different model for Affiliates Plans.

  • Joomla will have a booth at CloudFest.

  • Google invited a representative from Joomla to CMS Leadership Summit.

  • Robert and Rowan will present at next Board meeting a proposal for


  • Mike shared unaudited Profit & Losses spreadsheets.

  • Financial Summit is scheduled for February 11th through 13th.

Production Department Report

  • Joomla 3.8.4 will be released on January 23, 2018.

  • Joomla 4 projects still moving as expected.

Legal & Finance Department

  • Rowan Hoskyns-Abrahall left the meeting during the discussion about the Joomla Shop RFP.

  • The Board discussed the criteria definition about the Joomla! Shop RFP evaluation.

  • The Board will choose and vote the winning proposal at next Board Meeting.

  • Luca reminded the necessity to have written agreements for all kind of partnership and sponsorship.

  • The Board discussed about the current Trademark registrations.

Marketing & Communication Department

  • Joomla 4 Marketing main design elements should be ready at the beginning of February.

  • New marketing strategy will be ready to be presented to the board at the end of  February/beginning of March.
    The strategic work has evolved into three strands:

    • Fact-based intelligence which helps to understand the cms and wider market place and also starts to build a library of intel for Joomla.

    • A strategic document which outlines the options and direction for a short to long term strategy. It also starts to define the tactics to be included in the Marketing plan.

    • A detailed marketing plan which clearly defines the mix for implementation together with backing documents to help build on the ground intelligence that assist with implementation.

    • Market Accents is now working with Joomla marketing to build the marketing plan which also incorporates the J4 launch.

  • Working with the Capital Team to create a Media Kit.

  • User Research & Strategy: current planned surveys are running.

Events Department

  • Events Directory will be moved to DP Calendar in next 2 weeks to encourage better listings from JUGS as this includes Meetup, Facebook, Google Calendar and other import options enabling JUGs to more easily list their meetings.

  • Rowan to work on CMS Africa and CloudFest in the upcoming weeks.

  • Work will commence on incorporating Associations into the JUG directory shortly.

Operations Department

  • Operations Meeting next week.

Programs Department

  • Certification will have a sprint at JoomlaCamp.

Vice President

  • Joomla! Contributors Agreement (JCA) has been approved.

  • JCA will be reviewed by the Legal Team.

  • The Board will invite some Project’s founders and contributors at the next Board meeting to further discuss the Contributors Agreement.


  • The Board discussed about the situation of the Local Communities Department, given the upcoming election.

  • Call for Nomination blog post and forms are ready to be published.

Other business

  • Sandra requested a Policy about the usage of tools (services, software, apps) provided by the Project. Luca shared a draft of this Policy with the Board to be reviewed and approved at the next meeting.

Motions taken during this meeting

#2018/007 - Contributors Agreement is handed back to the Legal Department for further review.
Proposed by Søren Beck Jensen, seconded by Rowan Hoskyns-Abrahall.
The motion passed with unanimous consent.

#2018/008 - Exclude the Local Communities Department from the Group 2 Election and hold a Special Election as soon as the Department is populated sufficiently to operate effectively.
Proposed by Luca Marzo, seconded by Robert Jacobi.
The motion passed with unanimous consent.

#2018/009 - The Secretary proposes to adjourn the meeting
Proposed by Luca Marzo, seconded by Rowan Hoskyns-Abrahall.
The motion passed with unanimous consent.

Motions taken offline before this meeting

#2018/004 - Approve and publish the Board Meeting Minutes.
Proposed by Luca Marzo, seconded by Sandra Decoux.
The motion passed with unanimous consent.

#2018/005 - Approve Joomla! Contributors Agreement.
Proposed by Aleksander Kuczek
The motion passed with majority consent. 4 in favour (Robert, Aleksander, Luca, Mike), 2 abstained (Michael, Yves), 3 against (Rowan, Sandra, Søren).

#2018/006 - Treasurer to make available all financial transactions in QuickBooks since July 1st, by January 22, 2018.
Proposed by Rowan Hoskyns-Abrahall, seconded by Sandra Decoux.
The motion passed with majority consent. 5 in favour (Luca, Rowan, Sandra, Yves, Søren), 1 abstained (Michael), 3 against (Robert, Mike, Aleksander).