By Private Profile 21c8705f on 2015-02-24 00:00 in Community Leadership Team

Participants: Peter Martin, Olaf Offick, Ruth Cheesley, Guillermo Bravo, Dianne Henning, Peter Bui, Alice Grevet

Absent: Sander Potjer, David Jardin, Brad Baker, Isidro Baquero

Abbreviation Guide:

Agenda Items & minutes:

A. Progress Overview of CLT managed sub-sites:

  1. Forum

    1. Removed inactive Forum Moderators

      Every now and then the forum needs cleaning up. In January inactive moderators and language boards were removed.

  2. JCM

    1. Migration team meeting planned for March.

      Pete Bui reports good results with a migration script that will be used on the magazine to migrate it from Joomla 2.5 and K2, to Joomla 3 core.

    2. German and Polish teams on hold until after migration

  3. CLT Summit at JAB

    Things to consider for a CLT summit at JAB:

      1. What is the agenda?

      2. Who is able to attend?

      3. What about new team members?

    1. JET Applications/Process

      Delayed because of the budget process isn’t finalized yet. Leadership members should not be applying to the JET. Clear guidelines are needed.

  4. Showcases

    1. David has taken over the Showcase liaison from Isidro. Sebastien Lapoux has volunteered to be the team lead. He has built a new prototype of the Showcase site that looks promising and will be moved to the provided sandbox on in the next few days. A call for members was published on the Volunteer Portal last week and received about a dozen applications.

B. Other

  1. CLT minutes: back issues of the minutes will be circulated for approval and posting this week.

  2. Budget feedback
    Feedback on the budget process will be gathered and shared with OSM.

  3. CLT renewals/elections
    With CLT departures coming up, and no new leadership structure in place, these openings will need to be filled. Candidates will understand that in the event of a structure change, their position could change/end. Start by revisiting the list of nominations from the last round.

C. Communication / Blog posts

Ruth is putting together an article introducing Sensis [Ruth do you have a URL?] - their community and what they are going to be doing with Joomla. She has been working with them for a couple of months.

There will be a JUG team call for new members, and a call for help with creating the new JUG directory.