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PLT meeting 6th July


# Status of Joomla 3.4.x

Joomla 3.4.3 release ( ) seems to have been pretty successful. We will likely look to make a 3.4.4 before 3.5 alpha and depending on timelines for 3.5 a 3.4.5 release.


# Status of Joomla 3.5

We need Hannes ( to update his final Pull Request with the router improvements and after that we need to invest a lot of time and resources on testing it.


# Status of Joomla 3.6

“Make It Happen” session at JAB15 was very successful and resulted in an initial commit of the redCore code after Kristijan did some decoupling work:


George has made a first attempt at a standalone application that can underpin the new API ( ).  


Chris has done some experimentation with classes for representations, profiles, resources and data types.  He is trying to get away from depending on just one representation format (HAL). See


The Architecture Sprint next week should provide a clearer picture of what the architecture of the new application needs to look like.


# Status of the Joomla Framework

George and Michael have been continuing with package rewrites for framework v2.


There is a full rework of the session package at and we are also making the Uri package PSR-7 compliant at .


There’s also some work at making it easier to create authentication strategies for username/password combos   

# Com_weblinks and other decoupled extensions

As defined in the Joomla CMS Roadmap, the work towards decoupling extensions is in progress: .


We are planning the release the decoupled Weblinks component ( ) involving the JED team, the automated testing team, marketing team. We are also working on automating the release process.


# Install from web Plugin

Robert has a prototype of the new version of the plugin. During the creation of it it was found that the API gives a lot of information back, most of the info is not needed ending in the need of extra time to get that info from the Database. Suggested to make a new api method to reduce the amount of data. Discussion is not finished need to follow up. The prototype will be published soon.


# New Downloads portal

The Joomla Project is actively working towards shutting down ( ). We are in the process of moving Joomla Core Translation packages. The script for moving translation packages is aimed for completion before the next meeting.


# Easing the release process

PLT has formed a team to investigate and produce tools for easing the process of release our software by using a modern task runner. Tests were performed with and it seems that this tool can make our life easier and it only requires php knowledge (unlike gulp). So we will proceed with this over Gulp and Phing (note that also integrates with gulp).


# PLT Organization

Coordinated by Jessica D. We are in the process of updating the information of roles and responsibilities of PLT and the teams under it.


Also the PLT agreed to review the Mission and Vision, to be done soon in a later date.


In the following weeks we will start working on the Roadmap and the Goals for 2016. Chris will lead the task.


# Code Sprints

Tessa is coordinating the Code Sprints: . The first one in 2015 will be the Architecture Code sprint. She will continue to work on getting an improved structure and further code sprints over the year.


# Automated Tests

The Automated Tests working group is now focused on system testing Weblinks, Yves is working on the missing tests for frontend.


Puneet and Kshitij are updating the current Joomla system tests.


Michael is checking the Unit Tests with PHP7.


Javier is working on the code base of the tests for testing the future Joomla 3.6 webservices.


Robert and David are working on a Docker container to run the tests in parallel on Jenkins.


More details at: