By Djamel Kherbi on 2020-07-07 17:37 in Events

Participants:  Djamel Kherbi, Brian Ronnow

Apologies:   Carlos Camara Mora, David Aswani 

Total time of the meeting :  40 minutes 

The Events department held its monthly  meeting where the following items were discussed.

This is my last departmental meeting as Events department coordinator. I will not run for another term in the upcoming election for the group 1, the last 2 years have been challenging for myself, the commitment and the dedication to the project is not easy at all, I did my best to achieve my duties for Joomla! and the community. 

Events Department 

  • Events Budget for the new fiscal year  2020/ 2021 approved by the board of directors.
  • Restarting to work on the global events sponsorship with Luca Marzo, we will create a dedicated  sponsor package for the JoomlaDays and Joomla! camps.
  • The month of August will be dedicated to onboard the newly elected Events DC.
  • OSM Semi Annual Members Meeting will be held on Thursday July 9th 2020, all the team members of the events department  have been added to the  dedicated channel on Glip.

JUG Team

  • Redo of the jug directory on discussion with the webmaster team.

Joomla! Events Team

  • Any particular update from the Joomla! Events team, events submitted and opened tickets are handled in a timely manner.