By Private Profile 6f963e8d on 2021-01-19 07:52 in Events

Participants:  David Aswani, Benjamin Trenkle

Apologies:   None

Total time of the meeting:  45 minutes 


Venue: Google Meet

The Events department held its monthly meeting where the following items were discussed.

Event Department

1. Discussed and adopted, the 2021 Events Team vision guiding report.

2. We need equal representation in the Department. (To try and be more attractive to women).

Joomla User Group

1. It makes sense to have a JUG benefit from Media Team in organizing the JUGs.

2. JUG Team should be aggressive in being out there and reaching out.

JUG Goals for 2021

  • Contact at least 75 JUG leads around the world and invites them into a JUG glip channel

  • Contact each JUG lead every 6 months and ask them for their wishes and woes (and also clean up the channel)


Events Team

The event team is the heart of the event department. It is on the one hand the contact for Joomlers hosting an event, but also manage approval processes of e.g. Joomla!Days etc on the website.


1. The community doesn't have tools to organize virtual events or the knowledge on how to set up streaming or how to set up the microphone, and they need help in the technical skills. We need to develop (events kits) and it's everything you need.

2. Djamel and Wilco take over DP Calendar migration.

Events Team Goals for 2021

  • Define the list of tasks that should be completed in 2021 and then search Joomlers for these specific tasks. (no “wild” recruitment) - Each Team to define their own tasks. 

  • Assembly best practices for:

    • A JoomlaDay (online/offline)

    • A JUG meeting (online/offline)

and share them somewhere (documentation?).

  • Start with a list of speaker/presentations and keep it up to date

  • Get at least one JoomlaDay organized on each continent - Good challenge.

Pizza Bugs & Fun

1. Finding a new team lead for PBF

2. Have 4 smaller events that are open and global to deal with just one topic at a time and have one overall PBF.

Global Events Fund Working Group

Without sponsors, no events are possible. This group should really follow its name and gather a pool of sponsors all over the world who can be assigned to different events (e.g. JoomlaDays) to help them finance their events.

Also a sponsoring for JUGs could be possible.

I the coming days we will get this group working again.