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Attendance: Patrick Jackson, Philip Walton, Justine Ayebale, Laura Gordon, Brian Ronnow, Shirielle D. Williams (JUGCN), David Aswani, Benjamin Trenkle

Apologies: Chris Keen



  • JUG and Event teams have worked in the past as mainly an administrative unit approving 

  • Update for the User Groups listing in DP Calendar & Events in SOBI was a delayed project now recently reaching next stage with the new version published. Further enhancements needing to be implemented.

  • VIrtual JUG process: Though the rules have been ratified by the board, the mechanism to promote them in the listings is not in place, and then it’s been put on hold (technical no platform to move forward)

  • Currently, there is JUG and Events Team both doing similar tasks. Is it worth merging the two teams into one?

  • Out of the directory and help desk, is there a mechanism to communicate to JUGS in a newsletter format? Brian discussed a plan to reach out to all JUGS to find out what their status is currently.

What do you expect from an event team?

  • Communicating out to JUGs

  • Creating resources to JUGs to make a directory of speakers available

    • The 'speaker list', should include team leads that could speak about their teams...

  • Documentation how to do an event (Event kit), get easier in touch with people who can help to organize events

    • Step by step guide what is needed to get approved

    • Sample timelines

  • Create a “How to do a JUG” package

    • Need 2 contact persons

    • “JUG of the week” badge

  • Helping with trademarking and get support on how to do it right

    • Include fulfilling the trademark requirements in a step by step checklist to make the life of the organizer easier

  • Easier event publishing on the website

  • Support in finding sponsors

    • Sample budgets

  • Make sure, that no two events run at the same time (offer a list of events, not “enforce” it)

  • Understanding challenges faced by the JUGs and finding solutions or options to the challenges

  • To merge small jugs to form bigger jugs for positive results ( after a discussion about it with these JUGS of course)

How should the structure look like?

  • Representatives in the meeting today are primarily here from a local JUG coordinator role, but also coincidentally are involved in the VET. As JUG Coordinators, we’re happy to become contributors for the JUG team to help facilitate communications to regional JUG and to break out tasks from the JUG and Events team to engage locally.

Follow Up Items

  • Virtual JUG registration

    • Updates to DP Calendar component, moving from SOBI Pro; Helpdesk

    • Update JDOCS regarding Joomla User Groups to provide a Virtual framework

  • Merging events & JUG registration processes 

    • Easy up the process

    • Give trusted Joomlers the possibility to publish events directly

  • Competitions between JUGs

  • Different filters (topics) for JUGs focus points (template knowledge, programmer focused or branches like religious communities, etc.)

Short term things to do:

  • Reach out to JUGs (newsletter)

  • Synchronize the JUG & Event registration process (including virtual JUG listings)

  • Speaker page

  • Resolve Virtual JUG items (listed in Follow Up above)

Hypothetical - What you need to know to run a Joomla Day

  • How to run it - budget, team, scheduling, venue

  • How to get sponsors

  • How to get speakers


Suitable Meeting times to include all time zones:
Northern winter: UTC 2000 or UTC 1200
Northern Summer: UTC 2100 or UTC 1300