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David Aswani, Benjamin Trenkle, Brian Rennow, Phil Walton, Laura Gordon, Shirielle Williams, Viviana Menzel, Justine Ayebale.



JUG Concepts:

  • Currently 117 jugs

  • Brian’s document needs to be reviewed for English corrections

    • Construct the email a little more 

    • Add more information to collect to the email

  • Laura suggested breaking down the list of JUGS into groups to reconnect with JUG Coordinators with a Q&A for JUGS to correct and update information.

  • Collect and update the data on the JUG page:

    • contact name, contact email, webpage, jug listing

  • Benjamin can contact Country Coordinators from PBF to assist with local information

  • Divide and conquer the process of contacting teams.

  • Special Interest Virtual JUGS to be facilitated

  • Other JUG Resources to be considered

    • Speakers Directory

    • Past Sessions library


New Event Website

  • Sobi Pro converted to DP Calendar

    • Requirements have to be defined first before the implementation starts

  • There was no handover when Rowan left.

  • JUG listing was migrated. The events directory is still needing to be completed conversion.


  • For future meetings:

  • Needs:

    • Easier submission

    • Looking nice

    • Should have a wider audience

    • Speaker can be linked to the events via their ID profile

  • SD + Viviana agreed to create the first concept what are the very must-haves for the website.


Team Lead

  • Nominations called: Nominations close 14 March

    • Shirielle Williams nominated for the team leader - Nomination accepted

    • Election a doodle to be distributed once nominations close.

Follow Up Items:

  • Documentation of Virtual JUG ruling to be updated

    • Link needed to Board Minutes that approved Virtual JUGS

    • Event Dept policies to be updated

    • Event / JUG wiki docs to be updated

    • Helpdesk form to be reviewed to add Virtual location

    • Magazine Article

    • Laura agreed to put together a detailed list and then we contact the appropriate persons


Meeting closed: 21:03UTC