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Events Team Report - April 10, 2021


The Events Team meeting was held as part of the Events Department meeting. Please see the Events Department report.


Events Department Report - April 10, 2021


Attendees: David Aswani, Shirielle D. Williams, Philip Walton, Laura Gordon, Viviana Menzel, Benjamin Trenkle, Laura Gordon, Justine Ayebale, Patrick Jackson

Absent with Notice: Brian Rennow


Department Update

Congrats to Shirielle (Events Team Lead), Philip (Events Team Assistant Lead), and Patrick (PBF Working Group Lead).


David will invite Luca to the May meeting during the April board meeting.


David will work with Laura to create the schedule for the JoomlaDay USA OSM booth.


Laura will reach out to Luca regarding promoting JDay USA during his weekly webinars and attending the event (three tickets remain).


Joomla User Group

JUG Outreach Script- The plans to get started in weeks 15 and 16. Brian will have the plan ready Tuesday 13 April.


JUG Outreach List - Wilco has already provided the list of the JUGs, but it has to be managed from all the spec. chars.


Pizza Bugs ‘n Fun Update

Moving the annual Pizza, Bugs, and Fun event to September around the Joomla birthday is being discussed.


Other discussions are around specialized quarterly and mini-PBF events.


The transition from Benjamin to Patrick is in progress.


Events Team Update

The Team agreed with the Q2 and Q3 goals. Q2 focuses on research and planning, with Q3 focusing on implementation and communications.


The Team will review and comment on the planning document. The planning document includes requirements, user stories, and inspiration sites.


The Events Team will work with the organizers of JoomlaDay Germany+Austria Online to figure out a process and ways that the events team can support efforts.


Next Meeting: May 1st 20:00 UTC