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Attendees: David Aswani, Shirielle D. Williams, Philip Walton, Laura Gordon, Viviana Menzel, Benjamin Trenkle, Laura Gordon, Justine Ayebale, Patrick Jackson


Absent with Notice: Brian Rennow


Guest: Luca Marzo


Department Update

Congrats to Laura and the JoomlaDay USA team on a fantastic JoomlaDay Event.


Joomla User Group Update

Discussed next steps with acknowledging and supporting Virtual JUGs.  These are different from JUGs that are meeting virtually. Luca shared that Board has no roadblocks on Virtual User Groups and that the next step for the Events Dept to write rules and present them to Board.


The team is starting to reach out to the JUG listings 


Luca recapped the recent Italian midday webinar series. 


Events Team Update

Philip and SD have access to review and approve events.


The approval process has been reviewed and suggested changes to be sent to the group for review.


Requirements, user stories, wireframes, etc. in progress and will be sent to the group.

Viviana and SD created a proof-of-concept site to use when creating the requirements, wireframes, etc. 


SD will reach out to the Webmaster team to discuss the requirements and plans.


PBF Team Update


Commencing series of planning meetings this month.