By Private Profile 6f963e8d on 2021-07-13 08:10 in Events

Attendees: Shirielle D. Williams, Philip Walton, Laura Gordon, Patrick Jackson, Todd Woodward, AK Shehu, 

Absent with Notice: David Aswani, Ahmad Moussa, Viviana Menzel

Absent without Notice: Justine Ayebale

Department Updates

No major department updates


JUG Team Updates

The team is actively reaching out to the JUGs to offer assistance and confirm which are still active.


 A process is required to be put in place to add names to the Joomla User Group list on the community portal.


Pizza Bugs and Fun Update

The meeting date is still to be set. The event date to be confirmed at the first meeting.


Events Team Update

Benjamin Trenkle has left the team. We appreciate all of the work that he has done. He is heavily involved in other areas of the community and is certain our paths will cross soon.


We will set the testers with different permission and create a testing session on the Sandbox in the coming weeks.


We are also working on workflow enhancements and messaging.


An audit of all of the documentation such as the charter and event resources will be done followed by prioritization and timeboxing.


Next Meeting:  TBD


The meeting will be Team Leads, Assistant Team Leads, and Department Chair with the individual teams meeting separately.