By Private Profile 6f963e8d on 2021-11-04 11:25 in Events

Scheduled length of time: 1 hour

Participants: David Aswavi (DC) Shirielle (SD) Williams (Events) Patrick Jackson (PBF)

Apologies: Todd Woodward (JUG)




1. The quarterly report has been published.

2. OSM restructuring document shared with the team.

Events Team;

1. The Sobi Pro to DP Calendar migration is still ongoing. The team is currently reviewing the results from the testers. A request has been made to the webmaster and as it stands, it's possible for Events to be added to DP Calendar.

2. The team will be reviewing the events Charter, to make it current and do away with things that are not relevant. 

3. The team is Working on an article for the November magazine edition.

Pizza Bugs and Fun

1. Looking at options going forward including turning PBF into a month-long Hacktoberfest event, especially in light of Joomla's new charity status. A month of exposure vs a weekend's exposure can be potentially more lucrative from a sponsorship approach.


The End