By Private Profile 6f963e8d on 2021-12-01 10:58 in Events

Scheduled length of time: 1 hour

Participants: David Aswani (Department) Shirielle (SD) Williams (Events) Patrick Jackson (PBF) Todd Woodward (JUG)



  1. Did an interview with the JCM Team to be published soon.

  2. The motion of Lighter OSM structure and by-laws amendment passed at the board. (the document has been updated to reflect the proposal discussed during the last Board Meeting).


Events Team:

Sobipro to DPCalendar:- The migration is in progress on the live site. Need to follow up with Wilco on when the menu items will change. The DPCalendar configurations are in place behind the scenes.  A new permission group has been created DPCalendar Admin.

Event Process/Procedures:- SD and Phil, have discussed how things are changing. A draft will be created in the next few weeks.

Newsletter:- Discussed with Phil/Marketing DC about automating a newsletter for events. The DPCalendar plugin can be activated.

JUG Team:

The team is conducting outreach to known JUG leader/organizer contacts. Meetings are to be held Thursday, November 11, and today. Patrick attended the Thursday meeting. Shout out to Laura Gordon for moving the ball forward.


PBF Team:

Looking to schedule a meeting to plan the new format of PBF / Joomla Internal events going forward.



  • Continue with a single weekend PBF

  • Expand to a month-long Joomla Hackathon potentially twice a year.

  • One early 2022

  • The second one October coincides with Digital Ocean Hacktoberfest, which then comes with an existing community, discord server, and onboarding opportunities.


Additionally this working group may pivot to assist VET with running onboarding events, as well as being a group that runs internal Joomla events (becoming a virtual pseudo-JUG).