By Private Profile 9ad3e0f0 on 2017-04-06 08:01 in Events

Events Team

  • Official Events Charter is to be edited to allow the events directory to include events such as JandBeyond and the Multiple-CMS Code Sprint being held in London this month.  We will submit the new charter to the board for review and voting into being as soon as possible.
  • A review into how the team can both serve events better by supporting them more than simply financially and also how they can get full feedback about finances, attendence, sponsorship etc from official events so that these can be reviewed and improved on where needed.
  • A meeting will be held at JandBeyond to reboot the African Joomla! Conference with a view to holding the first in 2018.

JUG Team

  • Regular newsletters are now being sent with latest news relating to JUG's and also news/requests from other departments/teams when needed.
  • Outreach programme to help JUG's both be more successful and to encourage them to communicate more between themselves will be launched in the coming weeks.
  • FAQ's and Rules of Submission are currently being translated into French and Spanish and a call for translation into other languages is being put out.  These are now on to help facilitate easy translatation by communitymembers.

JWC 2017

  • Contract has been signed and venue fully secured.
  • Full design assets will be provided by Chiara by 15th April.
  • Website development will commence on the 16th April with a go live date of no later than the 23rd April.
  • A call for speakers will commence when the site is live
  • Tickets including hotel packages will go on sale when the site is live
  • Last year's sponsors will also be contacted once the site has been launched with offers of renewals.
  • After this, new sponsors will be contacted with a view to fulfilling the sponsorship target.
  • The Local Outreach team will be brought online to help with translation of the website as its first priority.