By Djamel Kherbi on 2019-02-07 10:19 in Events

The Events Department in conjunction with the Capital Team and the Legal & Finance Department created a working group who will prepare a new sponsorship package program for JoomlaDays and all the related Joomla Events around the world.

Call for Volunteers

We are looking for specific skills and expertise related to sponsorship, Finance, Fundraising, Public relation and Marketing. 

  • Public Relations (prepare Press Releases, Social Media)
  • Sponsor Relations (responsible to find sponsors, fundraisers)
  • Events Team Liaison (responsible to connect with Events Team and outreach to Event Organizers)
  • Finance Review (responsible to check budgets and process financial requests, liaison  with Treasurer)
  • Marketer (responsible to prepare marketing materials)

If you are interested in participate in this group, please fill out the form below and start volunteering to help Joomla to continue being sustainable in the future.

Thank you!

Link to the form: