By Soren Jensen on 2017-04-24 08:26 in Legal & Finance

Sorry I am late with this bi-weekly report. As you will see there is not much to report.

Capital Team

  • We have not met since Joe took over as team leader but have a meeting tomorrow April 25th
  • We have been discussing in Glip about migrating the ad server (in the long term) to Double Click for Publishers
  • We have sold a new community sponsorship, but they had a hard time paying, but it has been solved. Not sure if payment has been recieved yet.

Conflict Resolution Team

  • Looking for non-partisan volunteers from outside the organisation

Finance Team

  • Is to be moved under the treassurer as an assistant team to him. This will be my last report from this team.

Legal Working Group

  • Looking for more volunteers. Nothing to report

Trademark and Licensing [edited]

  • Team continues to work through the queue of tickets
  • Security has been increased on the site with help from Rowan
  • A new version of the brand manual has been published (created by marketing)

Transition Team

  • Was voted to be disbanded at their own request at last board meeting. This will be my last report.