By Private Profile e7f59290 on 2020-01-23 13:32 in Marketing & Communication

As you already know if you read the team reports, Jonathan Gafill was elected Marketing Team Lead a few days ago.

Jonathan Gafill is also the CEO of CloudAccess, and therefore of, one of the main sponsors of Joomla.

The Department was delighted to have Jonathan as a candidate for this position, and he has the full support and confidence of all in the department. He will undoubtedly bring a lot to the Department and Marketing Team. His energy, his large knowledge of Joomla and his involvement in the Project, as well as his marketing/user data skills, and especially his ability to manage, lead and motivate volunteers are gonna be great assets for Joomla.


In the interest of transparency, and to avoid any impression of favouritism, we have decided to put in place a few principles (the list below is not exhaustive and are just examples), although we know Jonathan will undoubtedly be able to separate his CloudAccess & Joomla roles.

  • It is the Department's duty to promote the platform as much as possible to ensure its success. In terms of promoting this platform, Jonathan & his teams at CloudAccess will share their ideas for promotion, his CA team will provide resources (as is already the case since the beginning or our partnership), but the final decisions will be made by the DC / Marketing Team Lead Assistant and/or Social Media Leadership.
  • In case of RFP / promotions or any other activity in direct connection with Jonathan's professional activities, he will not be involved in the process, and will be replaced by the DC and/or Marketing Team Lead assistant (Note that it’s already the process we have in the whole leadership when there’s a possible COI).

In any case, this does not change the existing mode of operation of the Department / teams.

All decisions that fall under the Department and/or its teams have always been collegial decisions, and have never been unilateral decisions, taken without prior consultation.