By Radek Suski on 2017-02-22 09:28 in Marketing & Communication

Marketing & Communication Leadership

Meeting February 2017
22 February 2017 @ 18:00 CET


Radek Suski (Department Coordinator)

Sigrid Suski (Social Media Team Leader)

Chris Paschen (Marketing Team Leader)

Sandra Thevenet (Community Translation Assistant Team Leader)

Parth Lawate (Marketing Assistant Team Leader)

Alison Meeks (Social Media Assistant Team Leader)

Not in attendance

Marc-Antoine Thevenet (Community Translation Team Leader)


Marketing Goals

The marketing goals are defined in this document:

Marketing Handbook

A marketing handbook which documents all processes and procedures, and the purposes and tasks of all marketing teams should be created. Chris will start with this by finding all sources of information on GDrive put them into Github, which is used at the moment to coordinate the tasks and information. Github is not made for this purpose, and Chris suggests to use the project management system Jira, which is available for free for OS projects.
Chris will check it out.

New Members for Marketing team

The marketing team is looking for new members and a new design lead. There will be a series of blog posts and JCM articles with call for members. Chris will do that.

Brand Manual

The original files of the brand manual have been handed over to Parth and are now available in GDrive. The trademark team needs to be consulted to approve them. Chris will do that.

After approval, Parth will contact Siddharth for last changes and finalisation.


The budget for the Marketing & Communication teams needs to be calculated and presented to the treasurer. Parth has been assigned to this.

Consolidated Newsletters

The Joomla! project offers various newsletters at different places. A central place at CJO  (if technically possible) should be created, where interested users can choose which newsletter they want. All newsletters should use the same template for a corporate design.

Sandra will consult the concerned teams and find out if Acymailing can be used for this.
A new team ‘Joomla Newsletter’ needs to created to implement and manage these newsletters. Chris will take care of it.

The Joomla! Shop

Currently there is no team available to take care of the shop. Also there are no longer suppliers available. A new team ‘Joomla! Shop’ needs to be created. Chris will take care of it.

Joomla! 3.7

Nearly all marketing materials are created. Still the decision for the music on the videos have to be made, and the animated Gifs have to be finished. The Joomla! 3.7 landing page is already available in 10 languages, but needs more translators. A call for translators will soon go out on SM (Sandra).

A ‘Joomla! 3.7 is coming’ picture will be added soon to JO (Sandra).

Chris will write the formal press release.


Joomla! 4

Joomla! 4 will be released in 6 months together with Joomla! 3.8, at least 6 months after 3.7. At the moment there is no marketing material or landing page available for Joomla! 4.

A new team needs to be formed. Sandra will take care of that.

Joomla! in Wikipedia

We need someone who takes care of keeping the article about Joomla! in Wikipedia ( up to date. Perhaps a team is needed to coordinate the translations of the article into multiple languages. We will discuss this in the next meeting.

The Joomla! Booth

A procedure how to handle the Joomla! booth (where, who, how) needs to be established.

Additionally it would be good to have merchandising stuff to give away on the booth (Swag).

Chris will take care of both.

Points raised in Marketing Sprint

We discussed the points raised in the marketing sprint in January in London:

Social Media

The Social Media team has established a constant posting on Instagram and LinkedIn and started to publish more posts and more often in general. Automatic posting on Twitter has been stopped.

Points to be addressed on the Board

  1. The communication between other teams and the Marketing team has to be improved. The concrete occasion was that agreements concerning marketing stuff were made without consulting the Marketing team  (e.g. HostingCon).
    The coordinator has been asked to raise this topic in the next board meeting.


  1. Private accounts. Too many people are using private accounts for doing Joomla! stuff instead of using official Joomla! accounts.
    If the reason for this is the limitation on CJO addresses and GDrive, unused addresses should be removed.
    The coordinator has been asked to raise this topic in the next board meeting.

Prepared by Sigrid Suski (Social Media Team Leader)