By Radek Suski on 2017-04-08 11:22 in Marketing & Communication

Meeting April 2017
7 April 2017 @ 16:00 UTC


Radek Suski (Department Coordinator)

Chris Paschen (Marketing Team Leader)

Sandra Thevenet (Community Translation Assistant Team Leader)

Alison Meeks (Social Media Assistant Team Leader)

Not in attendance

Marc-Antoine Thevenet (Community Translation Team Leader)

Sigrid Suski (Social Media Team Leader)

Parth Lawate (Marketing Assistant Team Leader)



Chris Paschen is going to write a call for new members for marketing team. Not for specific roles, but a general call. We are looking for people with marketing skills, but also for people without. Chris would like to involve also non-skilled people to join the team and help them to learn. This call will be published at Sandra will help with this task.


We are currently looking for suppliers for the Joomla! shop. Rowan is handling it. It is important to find a distributor that has multiple locations. Ideally one that could ship from each continent. A call for members of the Joomla! Shop is going to be included in the general call.


Chris is finishing the evaluation of Jira. There is currently only one non-critical issue that has to be solved. Chris reported that the Jira team was very helpful with solving issues and explaining the system to him.


The community translation team is a very specific team. Everyone can join the team and help with the translation. Sandra brought many members of the GSoC project to the team.

Marc Antoine Thevenet is going to step down from his leader position. Until now the team was not able to find a new leader. They are going to publish a call for leader. Sandra explained to us that this position is very untypical and the leader of this team is basically as person that needs to have understanding how the system (Crowdin) works and be able to approve and merge translations.


Alison mentioned that there is no way to get bi-weekly statistical reports from Google+ and weekly reports aren’t certainly meaningful.  


We discussed the issues with OSM requests to provide bi-weekly reports in general. We realised that although it is important for the sake of transparency to provide regular reports, for some specific teams it would be hard, nor would it make sense to do it bi-weekly. An example is the Community Translation team, which is a very specific team in which everyone can join to help with translations all current work can be monitored through Crowdin statistics that are openly available. The same applies for the JDocs team.


Alison expressed her concerns about leaders of other leadership teams pushing the Social Media Team for actions without consulting it with the marketing team first.


Chris is going to clean the list of members at Volunteers portal. He is going to contact all inactive members to check their current status.


The consolidated newsletter has been finished. It has been set up by Rowan. More details can be found at Github. The system has been realised with AcyMailing.


Parth has a team working on the Draft Brand Manual. We all decided to remove the “Draft” from the name of the document and makes this an official document. Alison will take care of it.


We will need a release article and a press release for the release of Joomla! 3.7 stable soon. We need a more exciting article for the release and not the regular one. Chris will take care of it. The new landing page will be launched at the same moment Joomla! 3.7 has been released.


Sandra reported that the Joomla! 4 release team has been established. The team needs content writers. The team is already working on the new landing page. There will be one landing page for all releases of all version of Joomla! 4. This page will promote Joomla! In general and not only new features. The team is also looking for a sponsor for this page.

Sandra reported that the page of this team at Volunteers Portal is up to date. There will be also a sprint at JaB17


There are chances that we are going to organise a summit at JaB17