By Radek Suski on 2017-05-18 14:17 in Marketing & Communication

Meeting May 2017 

16 May 2017 @ 16:00 UTC


Alison Meeks (Social Media Assistant Team Leader)

Chris Paschen (Former Marketing Team Leader)

Parth Lawate (Marketing Assistant Team Leader)

Radek Suski (Department Coordinator)

Sandra Thevenet (Community Translation Assistant Team Leader)

Sigrid Suski (Social Media Team Leader)

Ufuk Avcu (Marketing Team Leader)

Not in attendance

Marc-Antoine Thevenet (Community Translation Team Leader)


Transition of the leadership

Ufuk needs to get the list of potential volunteers for the Marketing Team. Unfortunately Chris still doesn’t have access to his account. Chris is going to take care of it as soon as possible and hand the list to Ufuk.

Ufuk needs to contact the secretary of OSM to get access to the marketing email address. As soon Ufuk does have the access he will also get access to this information mentioned above.



Chris completed the setup of the tool for the Marketing Team. Ufuk is going to take it to the team and discuss among its members if the marketing team wants to use it.

Radek mentioned that there is another tool, Trello, suggested by Yves Hoppe for the OSM board. Chris added that Jira has a Trello integration. Ufuk asks if this tool should be used for the entire department or only for the Marketing team. It has been clarified that it should be used for the Marketing Team only as the Social Media Team is working mainly with Glip and Google Docs and the Community Translation Team is working with Crowdin only.

Chris mentioned that there is a document with comparison of different management tools and Sandra provided a link to this document.


Strategic Goals

The document about Marketing Team goals has been shared by Parth.

Radek passed a recommendation from the OSM board to start series of blog posts before release of upcoming major Joomla! versions with each post describing a particular feature of the upcoming version. Parth mentioned that the Marketing Team used to have a document describing the process and tasks for the team. He will locate this document and share it with the team.

Ufuk asked if there is a project wide calendar with schedules about upcoming releases. Radek answered that there is a Google Calendar used by the project but it is rather inactive. Ufuk and Sigrid considered such a calendar as very useful for the entire project. Parth agreed with them and volunteered to create such a media calendar for the Marketing Team and offers to use it project wide.


Joomla! Shop

Radek mentioned that community members keep asking about a possibility to buy stickers and other merchandises and that this is a rather urgent issue. Ufuk offered to post a “call for members” for this team. Sandra noted that we should wait before a new provider has been found first. Radek thinks we could start building the team before it has been done. Alison agrees with Sandra on this and said that a team without a clear direction won’t be very useful. Ufuk agrees that teams need tasks. For that reason we are postponing this task. Radek advised Ufuk to contact Rowan to find out about the status of the process of finding a new provider for the shop.  


New Team Members

(see also the ”Transition of the leadership” section) Sandra informed the team that she knows a volunteer and asked to add him to the team. Ufuk agrees. Parth proposed that we promote more the recent “call for members” blog post and add link to the form in it. Ufuk will take care of responses we got from this call as soon he will gain access to this account.

Sandra thinks we definitely need more designers because at the moment only Sandra and Alison are capable of creating imaginery. Shirat Goldstein Velleman, Lili Espinosa and Alexander Metzler have been proposed.


Social Media Team

Sigrid informed us about a productive team meeting the day before. She told us about changes in the rules about how the team is doing its work. 

Radek Informed the participants about his conversation with Rowan concerning the request for email addresses from JUG organisers. Rowan said they are not sharing email addresses, even internal, but that there is already a newsletter set for JUG organisers and she is going to create another one for the Joomladays organisers. We simply can pass the information we would like to share with JUG and Joomladays organisers and the Newsletter Team will take care of it.

Sigrid mentioned that we have to restore administrator access to the Facebook JUG organisers group.



Radek passed Peter Martin’s recommendation to create an international team of people responsible for keeping articles about Joomla! in Wikipedia up to date. Parth and Ufuk noted that this is related to the calendar idea. The Marketing Team will take care of it.


Community Translation Team

Sandra informed participant that this team is doing well. Recently the Chinese Traditional has been merged into the download page. The team is still looking for a new leader.  However this is not really an issue preventing the team from completing its work. Sigrid proposed to create a blog post with a “call for leader”.



Parth informed everyone about a survey the Marketing Team is currently creating. He is going to finish it this week and set it for review to the team members. If the form is going to be accepted, the team is going to launch it at JaB17. It is important, so Parth, that this survey reach as many people as possible. The point of the survey is to find out how people are using Joomla!. Sandra proposed to create a blog post about it. Parth agrees. Sandra also proposed to share it with local communities. She thinks we should send a newsletter as well. Radek advised Parth to contact Rowan as she is the right person to talk about the newsletter. Parth also informed us that he might not be able to come to JaB17 and asked to take care of the survey in this case.


Beyond the meeting.

I would like to use this opportunity to thank Chris Paschen for his involvement in the Marketing team. As well to congratulate Ufuk on his new position and wish him success.



PS: Parth was apparently under the water during the meeting. At least Alison, Sandra and Sigrid thought so.

PS2: I hate to write about myself in third person.