By Radek Suski on 2017-06-15 08:31 in Marketing & Communication

Marketing & Communication Meeting

Monday, 05.06.2017


Radek Suski, Department Coordinator

Sigrid Suski, Social Media Team Leader

Ufuk Avcu, Marketing Team Leader

Parth Lawate,  Marketing Team Assistant Leader

Alison Meeks, Assistant Social Media Team Leader

Sandra Thevenet, Social Media Team, Marketing Team, Community Translation Team

Yves Hoppe, Marketing Team

Priority Items for JAB & Sprint

  1. Budget has been estimated at 35.000 USD (Radek Suski)

  2. Review inputs on old onboarding forms & Process them & send them emails

  3. Do all reach out for the survey

  4. We discussed the possibility (optional) to display news from Joomla website . Implementation should be similar to the statistics. One offer after installation.

  5. Onboarding Document finalisation & setup of a ‘Welcome team’ . Parth and Ufuk are taking care of it.

  6. Comprehensive tactical plan to implement Marketing 2017 Goals (Parth Lawate)

  7. Comprehensive campaigns plan for the year in relation with 4 above. (Parth Lawate)

  8. Create a global place for marketing resources to be available publicly / update some resources - See with other teams so that they provide their resources too, like Certification - (Sandra Thevenet)

  9. Media Kit for potential sponsors - (Sandra Thevenet)

  10. 2-3 Volunteers for PR - To write and distribute Press Releases  (Sandra Thevenet)

  11. Create a project wide Calendar (Radek Suski)

  12. Use cases more than features . We should concentrate more on describing Joomla! use cases instead of promoting solely new features.

  13. Define a dictionary of officially used terms -  Public  glossary on Joomla Docs  (With allowed Alternates) (Radek Suski)

  14. Campaign to improve image among PHP developers (promote Framework) (Radek Suski)

    1. Articles about Joomla from an Engineering perspective

    2. Automation test coverage

    3. Coding standards

  15. TV advertising. The marketing team reject the proposal from the OSM board

  16. Reach hosting providers  (Radek Suski). Marketing Strategy & implementation for Hosting Companies (Sandra Thevenet).

  17. Sub Teams definition & Onboarding

  18. The Social Media Team decided to use Github issue tracker to add posting enquiries. The Glip Channel ‘Join here..’ will be removed. Source of Information has to be documented when these request are being posted y members of the  Social Media Team. (Sigrid)  Joomla/Social Media

  19. Calendar for  Social Media Team: will use the project wide calendar (Sigrid)

  20. Due Time Frame; if not explicitly defined by the author of an issue, the time frame will be 3 to 7 days (Sigrid)

  21. Joomla 4 Marketing

  22. Outreach articles on and other key websites



  • Team for Hosting

  • Licenses for CC

  • Social Media on Github with template including posting time;

  • repo with PSD files;

  • Joomla/Social Media (public) and add the team -> waiting to get the team to the organisation


Tasks (to do in the next 6 months)

  • Onboard Agencies OUTREACH IN JOOMLA (OIJ) 60h

  • Get testimonials OIJ 2h

  • Refute bad Joomla (#83) OOJ; is ongoing ?h

  • Education (#82) 60h Parth

  • Send articles to Hosting providers (12 hosts) ->Soren OOJ 40h

  • Media Kit DESIGN 15h

  • Project calendar (public): Events, Holidays

  • Project calendar (private): release dates

  • -> Google calendar 10h + 10h (adding to the site) Radek

  • Dictionary for used terms (will be in the docs) OIJ Sandra 10h

  • Outreach

  • Get rid of the bang, the OSM board decided to stop using the bang within the Joomla name.


  1. Make it happen plan finalisation (PL) - Done

  2. Media Calendar Cycle for the Year (PL) - Done

  3. Launch the Survey (PL) - Done


Last Meeting Follow-up

  1. Status of the transition of Marketing Team leadership (Radek Suski)

  2. Evaluation of Jira (Radek Suski) - Closed Decision has been made to use Github

  3. New team members for Marketing Team (Radek Suski) - Calls has been sent

  4. Newsletter for Social Media Team (Radek Suski)

  5. Shop status (Radek Suski). The shop should be moved to Operations department as this is not really related to marketing.

  6. Wikipedia Team status (Radek Suski).


  • 2 Australian designers joined the team before Mike stepped down. Where are they? Contact them (if ever I’m able to find their names) - (ST)

  • Wikipedia EN - has been updated by Sandra

  • Blogpost about new structure explained to the community? (ST)

Action Items

  1. J4 Marketing - (ST)

  2. Social Media (sponsors/partners campaign - org properties campaign - international days) - (ST)

  3. Newsletter settings for several properties by ST + RHA - (ST)