By Radek Suski on 2017-07-19 13:34 in Marketing & Communication

Ufuk and Parth are working on onboarding new members.

Duke Speer will be helping with video productions.

The Marketing Team discussed creating printed magazine for JWC and JaB with help from Simon Grange.

Andy Hickey offered his help in creating Joomla podcast. The monthly podcast is going most likely published in Joomla Community Magazine.

The team will also looking to boost the JCM.

Rowan is helping to get Leigh as our Press Officer. The team is also considering publishing articles in CMS Critic.

Ufuk is proposing to extend the Joomlers profile on with a tag based skills field.


The Social Media Team continues to work as usual.  

The Community Translation Team continues to work as usual.  

Current progress of its work can be monitored at Crowdin