By Sandra Decoux on 2017-12-06 06:25 in Marketing & Communication


  • Sandra Decoux - Department Coordinator

  • Chiara Aliotta  - J4 Design

  • Hans Van der Meer - Social Media Assistant Team Lead

  • Hervé Boinnard  - Marketing

  • Joe Sonne - Marketing

  • Lili Espinosa - Design

  • Noreen Cesareo - Market Accents

  • Parth Lawate - User Research & Strategy Team Lead

  • Shirat Goldstein - Design

  • Ufuk Avcu - Marketing Team Lead

  • Yves Hoppe - Marketing



Global Marketing strategy

Discussions about defining a marketing strategy.

J4 will be the starting point of this new strategy, with a different way of communicating, as our main weakness is the communication outside our community and the lack of awareness.

Our communication to our current users is good but far from being enough if we want to improve our market share.

Reaching new users (web professionals, hosting companies, influencers…) is vital for the Project and will require hiring professionals (mostly copywriters).

Noreen is working on a detailed plan and budget to accomplish this strategy (short and long term).

Discussion between Noreen and Hans regarding the Social Media strategy, focused on reaching better professionals outside our community.


J4 Marketing strategy

Discussion about the landing page and action plan for J4.

The landing page will be a global promotion tool for Joomla and not only for a version, focusing on benefits more than on features. The landing page will be amended for each minor release but not rebuilt.

The Joomla 4 Design team (Chiara, Lili and Shirat) started working on a draft for the design of the J4 landing page according to the action plan. A design for all side elements will be also provided (newsletters, stickers, tshirts …)

Chiara will create a detailed design guide to apply during all J4 life.

The teasing campaign should start during the 1st quarter of 2018.


User Research & Strategy

Considerable discussions were done with Noreen and work was done to better understand results from the JAB ‘How do you Joomla’ survey to find actionable results. We also interacted with key members of the Joomla community and leadership at the event to get their thoughts on the initial findings to validate them. This data shall be used to create a comprehensive strategy by Noreen.

Community Translation Team

The Department Coordinator had a meeting with Mike Brandner (new Team Lead) for an overview of the role.