By Sandra Decoux on 2017-12-20 21:26 in Marketing & Communication


  • Sandra Decoux - Department Coordinator
  • Alison Meeks - Social Media Team Lead
  • Mike Brandner - Community Translation Team Lead
  • Ufuk Avcu - Marketing Team Lead

Department Coordinator

A couple of articles is currently being written/reviewed (Joomla & UI Frameworks, A year in Review).
The Social Media Team Lead, Marketing DC and Programs DC worked on a Season greetings card which will be sent soon to team members.
The Department Coordinator scheduled a meeting with Market Accents regarding progress of the marketing strategy plan.
J4 Landing Page Design Draft should be ready before the end of January 2018.


The Benefits article is under approval and should be published in the next weeks on
The German Community granted permission to the Marketing Team Lead to translate their Christmas article series and publish some of them on Joomla Properties.
Simon Grange has joined the team.

Social Media 

The team is looking for a designer for social graphics and posted a call in the related room. The core Social Team will remain with Alison, Hans, and Sandra.
The Sponsor/Partner Thank You campaign has started and will be complete by year end. The team already received good feedback.
The Team would like a subscription to Hootsuite (alternative tools have been checked) for easy scheduling posts on Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn and if possible Instagram.
The Holiday Tips campaign has been launched.
The public Glip room "Contact Social Media Team" has been reopened as Glip is the main management communication channel for Joomla. 

Community Translation

The Team Lead is contacting individually some translators. Thanks to that, the Chinese Traditional and Japanese translations of the Issue Tracker have been finished, as well as the Romanian version of the Downloads site (translations merged to the live site).
The Team Lead has access to the L10N Twitter account and will increase the activity of this account.

User & Research Strategy

The first Joomla 4 readiness survey will be launched on Thursday 21st Dec.
The Team Lead is awaiting inputs for the "survey on the responsive image/srcset for media manager".

Meeting adjourned after 30 minutes.