By Sandra Decoux on 2018-01-31 15:03 in Marketing & Communication


  • Sandra Decoux - Department Coordinator
  • Alison Meeks - Social Media Team Lead
  • Mike Brandner - Community Translation Team Lead
  • Parth Lawate - User & Research Strategy Team Lead
  • Ufuk Avcu - Marketing Team Lead
  • Noreen Cesareo (Market Accents) - Guest

Department Coordinator

  • The Departement shared the 2018 marketing goals for review/approval by the teams.
  • The Department Coordinator asked each Team Lead to review/comment the Calendar of Events prepared by Market Accents.
  • Season greeting cards seem to have been received by most team members. Positive Feedback.
  • The next department meeting will occur at the end of February with one topic: the presentation of the Marketing plan by Market Accents.


The Team Lead will:

  • Recontact the copywriters and other contributors to assign them tasks
  • Re-activate the Marketing Facebook Group
  • Translate the 10 German articles into English, with the help of the Community Translation Team Lead
  • Establish the requirements for the design of wallpapers and plan for a “Wallpaper Contest” on Social Media in collaboration with the Social Media Team.
  • Establish a team to work on the general Joomla video.
  • The Marketing Team Lead asked that the User & Research Strategy issues on GitHub are moved to a separate and dedicated repository.

Social Media

  • The team will start promoting the Joomla Extensions Directory parent categories soon. Shirat will create the imagery. It’s 30+ posts to mix in with other posts promoting our properties, events, news.
  • David Messia joined the team. He contributed to Social Media during JWC and has been a great asset. He is in charge of the Joomla Pinterest account and will work on improving it.
  • The Team Lead proposed to do a new Thank You campaign in the middle of the year, as the feedback was really positive.
  • Further to the Marketing Team Lead and Market Accents’ idea, the team will launch a Valentine Day promotion asking Joomlers to share, via determined hashtags, sites they have done for charities (free) using Joomla.
  • The Team will plan a strategy for online polls/surveys on Facebook and Twitter, in collaboration with the Marketing and the User & Research Strategy Teams.

Community Translation

The Landing Page project has been fully translated into Marathi. Translations have been merged to the live site.
2 new public projects have been set up and are available for translations:

Translators are active on Crowdin. The Team Lead will recontact some translators to get some languages 100% translated.
The Team Lead is making regular posts on the dedicated Twitter account.

User & Research Strategy

  • The User & Research Strategy Team is looking for volunteers and will organise election for an Assistant Team Lead.
  • The Team is at the disposal of all teams to see what surveys are needed and what should be the next ones, according to the needs of the Project.
  • The Team Lead is working on action analysis and communication about the currently ongoing surveys about J4 awareness.

Meeting adjourned after 1 hour.