By Sandra Decoux on 2018-02-23 20:22 in Marketing & Communication


  • Sandra Decoux - Department Coordinator
  • Alison Meeks - Social Media Team Lead
  • Hans Van der Meer - Social Media Team Lead Assistant
  • Mike Brandner - Community Translation Team Lead
  • Parth Lawate - User & Research Strategy Team Lead
  • Ufuk Avcu - Marketing Team Lead
  • Noreen Cesareo (Market Accents)

This meeting was dedicated to the presentation of the Marketing Strategy and Planning for the next years by Noreen Cesareo from Market Accents.

"Be Loud and Proud!"

Analyse / market analysis

  • What is Joomla and what are its benefits
  • What is happening in the Joomla CMS space
  • What is the general opinion of the 3 main CMS platform

2018 and Beyond - Joomla focus

  • How shall we fight back?

    • Dispel the myth

    • Focus the target

    • Evangelise and energise

  • What to do to be in the game

  • What to do to win the game

  • 3 themes to focus on:

    • Advocacy

    • Mobilisation

    • Behaviour change/Recruitment

  • Strategic marketing activity for short / medium / long term
  • Recommended marketing and communication campaigns
  • Impact of integrated dissemination tools
  • Use of Social Media
  • Strategic targets for Joomla 4 launch and beyond
  • What should our messages focus on? What do users look for?
  • When and where - Joomla user lifecycle
  • Tools and mechanisms

    • Plan for strategic activity

    • JCalendar planning execution mainly focus on J4

    • Volunteers resources for execution

A special meeting between the Social Media Team and Noreen will be scheduled to help improving the communication on our official channels.

Meeting adjourned after 1 hour 30 minutes.