By Sandra Decoux on 2019-01-16 06:11 in Marketing & Communication

Joomla released version 3.9, The Privacy Tool Suite by Joomla, on October 30th. In order to promote this version, the Marketing & Communication Department decided to launch a 2 month Google Ads Campaign to help raise awareness of this new feature.

The campaign has now finished and we are very satisfied with the results. The campaign brought us an increase of 50% in the visits to the English version of landing page, compared to the previous landing page for 3.8. It generated over 550k impressions and over 50K clicks, a click through rate of over 11%.

The Department DC would like to thank Kliken for their precious help in setting up and optimizing this campaign, allowing us to achieve our goals.

Further to these positive results and great collaboration, the Marketing Team will be creating a new campaign to promote We aim to translate the ads to get even more outreach and we are happy to announce that Kliken offered to help us again.

If you’re looking to optimise your Google Advertising, you should try Kliken. Tested and approved by the Marketing & Communication Department!